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10 Copywriting Tips for a More Effective Landing Page

10 Nov Posted in Social Media

The success of all major websites across the world is based on a beautiful landing page that explains exactly what the page is about. Landing pages are an introduction to the actual site, and they also drive social media fans, sign ups and a wider audience. You home page will be the most visited, so you can consider it the lobby of your business. With these 10 copywriting tips for a more effective landing page, you can make sure that the reader’s experience is pleasant:

10 Copywriting Tips for a More Effective Landing Page 10 Copywriting Tips for a More Effective Landing Page Pictures

1. Big bold headline

The header must be a big dominant element, possibly a main graphic or a series of headers that rotate. The headline has a very important role, that of assuring the visitors they have arrived to the right place. It is also the first passage they will read, and that is why you should reiterate the product category instead of saying something like ‘Welcome to our website’. The header should suggest that the visitor will be somehow rewarded for coming here. This has a lot to do with web design, which is just as important for the layout of your articles or posts; if you want visitors to come to your website, but also stay there, you must offer them sleek design, attractive features, and ease of use. You can find lots of companies for web design in Los Angeles, and they can help and advise you on what is best for your type of website.

2. Focus on one subject

This is one of the most important 10 copywriting tips for a more effective landing page. In order to be effective, the landing page should focus on one subject, the offer, and deliver relevant information for the readers. A landing page does not include sidebars, footers, navigation bar or links to other sections of the site.

3. Use action words

The user will have one question in mind: what do I get and how do I get it? Use verbs and include phrases such as Get Insights…, Download the…, Learn how to….

4. Use a second person narrative

In the introduction, use the word you when you refer to the visitor. This short introduction is not about your company, or your mission. Avoid using your company name, and make sure the ratio of the you’s is in favor over that of the we’s.

5. Search over SEO

This on of the10 copywriting tips for a more effective landing page you should not dismiss. No mater how much you have studied SEO methods, think search not SEO. The tactics should be invisible to the reader and you must do a thorough keyword research. Although you can include the keywords in your home page copy, do not overuse them, you are addressing to a human being.

6. Be clear

It is important to guide the reader with clear directions and avoid confusions. Get to the point and keep the landing page brief. Letter-stuffed landing pages can disorient and turn off the user.

7. Use bullets

Bullets are a great way to highlight the benefits of the product or service you are delivering. Besides being an information asset, it is also useful to preview the contents in a more concise manner. Use small images, icons or a 1-2-3 list.

8. Get personal

In order to land the page, you need to get personal and conversational in a casual manner. Imagine you are speaking to a new person you’ve just met and want to make your friend. Actually, that is exactly what you’re doing.

9. Be a crowd pleaser

Social proof is a well known principle of persuasion. Visitors want some evident that proves your company is legit and trustworthy. Some well placed client logos, accreditation and testimonials will make your website a success.

10. Add a smart button.

The words you choose when you call someone to action play an essential role in the outcome. According to studies, words such as Subscribe or Submit have less value than short and directive statements like Send me my free tips. If you’d like to know even more about creating a good website, JournalOfNetworks.Org is a good source of information and advice regarding all things related to computers, internet, technology innovations, gadgets and so on.