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4 New Social Media Networks That Could Dominate 2014

29 Oct Posted in Social Media

Just recently, the social media networks leader, Facebook, broke the 1,000,000,000 user mark. Over the past 2 years, this site has manages to change the world we live in, starting revolutions and promoting charitable causes. However, the fact that Facebook appeals to 1 billion people is actually a big flaw. These new social media networks are not trying to impress anyone, they want to define themselves into a specific niche and serve the needs of the community. Because the niche networking sites are booming, they could change the game in 2014.

4 New Social Media Networks That Could Dominate 2014 4 New Social Media Networks That Could Dominate 2014 Pictures

1. Sgruples

Sgruples is one of the social media networks that mimics how small groups of people interact in real life. This private, group-centric website allows you to share content with family, friends, work, sport teams and many others. You can also integrate LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, upload 4GB for free and collaborate on Google-doc style docs. Sgrouples could dominate 2014 because it has a unique privacy controls, allowing the users to post in secret and to control how the site uses your data. Moreover, you can choose exactly who can access your content and control your online presence.

2. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a new networking site for neighborhoods that aims to get people off their computers and into real life. When you sign up, you provide your real address and the site places you in a hyperlocal network where you can find peers and next-door neighbors. However, the privacy settings protect your home and keep your data private. Nextdoor could dominate 2014 because it has an unique goal that other social media networks dismiss: taking people into real-life communities. Users who don’t want to share with thousands of fake friends can use Nextdoor to connect with the people in their proximity.

3. Path

Path is a private mobile social network that allows users to lifestream with 150 close contacts and friends. Although is started like all the other social media networks for sharing photos, Path took it even further: you can post status updates, check in, share movies, music, books and anything else you like. This way you can stay in touch with people that are real. Path will change the game because it is easy to use, has a sleek interface and promotes the idea that some stories and events are best kept between friends. Path calls its posts moments and advertises that it’s not about how many likes you can get, but how you cultivate real connections.

4. SoLoMo networks

Roamz, and Highlight are new types of social media networks called SoLoMo or social-local-mobile networks. because they are primarily for mobile platforms. These apps aim to connect people in the same local proximity. This way you can learn more about people who frequent your favorite coffee shop, share nearby events and meet others for lunch. and Roamz are on android and iOS platforms, while is available only for iOS. SoLoMo will change the game because it operates in a unique way, integrating geolocation. Moreover, experts predict that mobile platforms will overtake desktop internet usage by 2014.