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5 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing

03 Nov Posted in Social Media

Web-based technologies that facilitate the social interaction between people have changed the way businesses communicate with customers and market their services or products. Social media is something small businesses should consider, especially if they cannot afford to sustain private online communities. However, using social media for marketing is a task that can take up much of your time. Small business marketers allocate approximately one hour daily on social media marketing. Moreover, there is a right and wrong social etiquette you should be aware of before starting an online interaction. These 5 social media tips for small business marketing will guide you in building smarter relationships with customers:


5 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing 5 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing Pictures

1. Plan a strategy

The best social media tips for small business owners is to develop a business strategy or a marketing campaign and stick to it. In order to be successful, outline the steps you will take and the tools you will need in order to reach long-term marketing objectives. Moreover, the plan should outline how the social media plan will be integrated into the existing marketing strategies. Decide who in your company will create and manage the daily tasks and updates, and make sure that person has previous experience.

2. Find the customers

Before you start making random accounts on social media websites, research and find out if your customers have already congregated online. There are many communities of customers held together by the social glue. Joining where they are will ensure the success of your campaign and save you valuable time that you would otherwise waste creating profiles in the hope that customers will reach you.

3. Pick one thing

One of the most important social media tips for small business marketing is to pick on thing and do it really well. As a owner of a small business, you have to channel the company’s resources towards the most productive activity. The social media can trick you into thinking you need to have a presence on every major website. However, being on 5 social networks will not generate results. Find which network has the highest of your target audience and develop a strategy to reach them.

4. Provide Value

If you don’t provide value in the interaction with people, all the other social media tips for small business marketing we have discusses are useless. You will soon discover that participation and conversation is not enough to keep an interest in your social network. People need a reason to stay and participate, and besides regular conversation, you also need to provide ways for them to connect and befriend each other. This way your social community will become a popular destination for virtual meetings.

5. Be human and authentic

People would rather create a relationship with other people than with a business. If you use a human voice you can encourage them to interact. For example, try showing a picture instead of a business logo on your profile and own up to customers in public when they post criticism or make a mistake. If someone complains about your shipping, keep the conversation public and converse with the customer on a personal level. Another great tip is to show customers the real you by posting updates about your hobbies and passions.