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Achieving optimal content usage for your SEO articles

01 Nov Posted in Tech


Business owners are aware of how important content writing is for the further expansion of their business, and this is why it is necessary for them to resort to SEO strategies. If you are managing a business yourself, then you probably already know that investing in content writing for your website can turn out to be rather expensive over time, but considering how many new clients it can bring, you cannot afford neglecting this aspect. However, nowadays you have the possibility of choosing a more affordable, yet efficient solution – technology of the optimal content usage. Read the following info to find out what a TOCU software can offer you:

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It uses a letter replacement technology

The principle that stands behind this type of tool is a letter replacement technology. When  inputting the text into the software, it will replace all Latin letters with their correspondent in other languages, such as Greek, Russian and so on. While the text remains basically the same, Google will see it as two entirely different content articles. A text can be multiple in one thousands unique versions.

Google-friendly method

The main reason why you cannot publish the same blog article on more than one website is because Google will be able to notice the plagiarized content, which is certainly something you want to avoid. However, with this type of tool at your disposal, which uses the technology explained above, you have an efficient solution, one that is Google friendly. The search engine will not be able to notice the duplication, which means you will not risk being penalized. From a few blogs you can create thousands of unique texts, and enjoy the benefits of content marketing, without investing a great amount of money.

Hassle-free and uncomplicated

One last thing that you should know about this type of software is that it extremely uncomplicated to use, making the entire process hassle free. If you have one particular blog that you want to use, all you will need to do is input it in the software, and the program will generate up to 1,000 new ones, which look the same, but will not get you penalized by Google for duplicate content. The way the software has been designed is actually pretty amazing, and it has certainly helped numerous businesses to benefit from advanced content marketing, without actually breaking the bank. Nowadays, you have many great tools put at your disposal, all you have to do is take advantage of them.

With an advanced technology of optimal content usage, you can make the most out of one single blog article, and publish is on even 1,000 website, which is certainly advantageous for content publicity purposes and for your budget at the same time. You can research the topic with more care online, search for a TOCU software, and start using it yourself. After giving this idea a go, you will notice how many benefits it will bring you – content writing and publishing has never been this easy and affordable.