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Avoid these mistakes when building your first business website

24 Feb Posted in Tech


With today’s technological means, building a business website represents a simple task for any business owner. It practically consists in a few easy to follow steps: establishing the main objective of the site, selecting the right web content management software, choosing a template, making organization your main priority, providing relevant and regularly updated content, populating and providing maintenance. Of course, each business owner sets his own goals when creating a website and two of them include increasing the sale of goods as well as informing the public about the company’s progress. However, for achieving either of these goals making the business website as professionally looking as possible is crucial. After building the website, you have to test it multiple times to make sure that it works perfectly and market it on social media so that customers can find you faster and easier. In a dream world, all the process would work smoothly leading to success. However, in reality things are a little different because many entrepreneurs make mistakes that ruin their efforts.

Avoid these mistakes when building your first business website

Not choosing the adequate web management software

Some of these mistakes refer to not making the website mobile friendly, adding too much content, color and imagery most of the times resulting in cluttered pages, not meeting users’ needs and expectations. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs can make so much more mistakes before even reaching this stage. For instance, not defining the exact purpose of the website might lead to not selecting the right web content management software and not using Joomla templates, which definitely represents a missed opportunity because they ensure website functionality without requiring a great amount of effort. In fact, they do not require any programing making this option ideal for those who are only familiar with the basics. Since we are talking about website design programs, extraneous widgets might seem interesting, but you have to ask yourself the following question: do you really need it? Does the excitement of using them outweigh the risks, which could include slow-loading and poor customer experience? The answer will most likely be “no”. Therefore, make sure that you make wise decisions when building your first website.

Opting for overwhelming design and overlooking mobile compatibility

You probably have a lot of information that you want to share with your customers and you see the website as the perfect chance to reach out to them by rendering your message. However, you have to keep in mind that overcrowding your pages will not do anything in this sense. Even more, it will destroy the balance and simplicity of your business website, making it impossible for the public to distinguish and understand relevant details. Once again, you need to ask yourself the question: what are my priorities? Furthermore, you have to put mobile first. Today’s society is always on the go meaning that they mostly use mobile devices that keep them permanently connected. By making the mistake of not using mobile responsive templates, you will lose the chance of interacting with a larger number of users.