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Building a presence on social media is now simple

28 Sep Posted in Business


In a world which is entirely governed by Internet and implicitly social media, humans became brands. Everything you are saying or doing on social media says something about yourself, because social media activity represents a 2.0 version of nonverbal communication. This is the main reason why you need to be fully aware that every online action – liking, sharing, pinning and so on – contributes to building a presence in the online environment. But how can you make it more appealing to others and how is it possible to gain from it? Well, read these few tips and you’ll know:

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Social media is all about visuals. Investing in qualitative content in order to promote yourself is the best possible option. For instance, have you noticed how important video blogs are lately? Everyone is recording themselves and telling their opinion on social platforms like Facebook. Visually pleasing profiles attract better opinions and a business social media profile is all about that. Just make sure what you are posting is qualitative enough and don’t mess around with things that do not represent you in any way. Publish useful information using a friendly tone. If you really desire to start being popular for a particular field, then you have to show that you possess a lot of knowledge in that specific domain. Look for blogs in the industry you are interested in and start commenting on the topics publicly. Keep in mind that not everyone is interested in your work or hobbies, so you won’t be able to gain a full positive effect, no matter what you do. People do have different opinions and preferences, but Facebook is all about sharing.


Twitter is a great social media platform for sharing blogs, press articles or interacting with people who seem to have the same interests as you do. Try not to be a spamming Twitter user, because people there tend to look for interesting, up to date posters. Make sure you also use the right hash tags to make your tweets easy to find. Also, Twitter offers a virtual platform where you can connect with people to discuss different topics. The more you are going to participate in such discussions, the more you can increase your credibility and visibility.


Google+ is very useful if you know what to do on this platform. Even though as a social media website it is quite avoided, the results you can gain from using it are tremendous. The communities on Google+ are great for identifying niches where either you can start a conversation or you can join an existing one. Google+ works like any other social networking platform where you need to post your content often and gain an engaged audience. One thing you need to consider when building a personal brand on this platform is that you need to set up your authorship so that it can recognize you as a well-informed person who is correct about the info published. Compared to other social media networks, Google+ may seem little, but it surely isn’t.