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Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

24 Jul Posted in Social Media

The Bushnell Tour Z6 laser golf rangefinder is the successor of the Bushnell Tour Z2, a rangefinder that used to be very popular among professional golfers. Just like the old model, this new installment is specially designed for tournament use and promises never before seen precision and reliability. The specs are indeed impressive and if you are looking for a device to match professional requirements, this is definitely one of them. But just how good is it? Read this Bushnell Tour Z6 laser golf rangefinder to find out and head over to to get even more reviews on the most coveted golf gadgets and accessories.



New Features

Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

The biggest improvement from the previous model is that the manufacturer increased the magnification to 6x, which is very useful in tournament condition. The device also comes with the Vivid Display Technology and boasts lightning fast readings of up to 120 yards. To top it all off, the rangefinder has a new design and a waterproof coating and is only $50 more expensive than its predecessor. Although advertising materials fail to mention it, the rangefinder is superior in terms of field width (ever compared to gadgets that have come out after it) and the display quality is still very impressive for a rangefinder that came out in 2012.


Read accuracy


Overall, the Z6 is very good at proving accurate readings, as it comes with the already traditional (and reliable) PinSeeker technology. There are very few cases when the rangefinder fails to provide the promised precision and, overall, you can count on it. If you are one of the pros who likes playing even in less friendly weather conditions, you will be happy to find out that the Z6 stays accurate even when it is cloudy or it rains.


Pros and cons


The Z6 has a great display and it definitely improves the ease of use. With a friendly interface and a compact design, the biggest strength of this rangefinder is how intuitive it is to operate. Despite its intended tournament use, it can be tried by beginners too, because it doesn’t have any complicated controls and features. Built on laser technology, it is very accurate and is not surpassed by any direct competitors from the same generation. There’s nothing much we can say in terms of design: this model is light, compact, waterproof and perfect for throwing in your golf bag without worrying that it will break. However, the one thing that Bushnell did wrong with this rangefinder is the firing button. It takes a lot of force to press it, to the point where it becomes annoying to use. If you don’t mind applying more force when firing the rangefinder, then this is definitely a device you should have.