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Candy Crush Saga shatters all records in social media gaming!

20 Jan Posted in Social Media

The extremely addictive and captivating puzzle game produced by, Candy Crush Saga, is breaking all the records in the field of mobile games and shocking analysts all over the world. The immense success of this social media game has come as an astonishing and unexpected accomplishment for its developers as well, alongside with the rest globe. A large part of this success was attributed to the involvement of social media networks, namely Facebook, in the world of gaming, shaping the perception that people have towards playing online for good. Thanks to social media channels, a new trend was born and suddenly games exploded and were transformed from something addressed to only a certain category of fans to an appealing spare time activity for practically anyone. Addiction is a key element leading to the rise of this game and the record-breaking social media platforms for games. The psychological impact that video games have, in the opinion of experts in the field and news analysts all over the country, are based on the fact that the entire game uses extremely addictive music, sounds and words that serve a single purpose: to keep the Facebook users engaged and returning to the social platform for more.


Over the time, plenty of games have become extremely popular in the short period of time. A good example is FIFA, the one that combines perfectly two of people’s passions: football and video gaming. Gamers are interested in creating strategies, buying players and building teams, so they purchase dedicated currencies. FIFA coins can be bought online and you can check this website for more details. However, with Candy Crush, things are a bit different. According to the Wall Street Journal, reports of the astonishing increase in popularity of Candy Crush Saga have unveiled the following: the game is expanding so fast that the algorithms and counters tracking its growth have simply broken down. The developers of the tracker software are forced to reconfigure their algorithms in order to take into account the data being left out. Despite of the fact that a Candy Crush cheat can be found on multiple online platforms dedicated to the game, this has not affected the rise in popularity and downloads of the game. Without any doubt, Candy Crush Saga was a success in 2013 on both the PC market and on mobile devices, ranking top positions on the Apple store and on Google Play. But, above all, the most popular way of playing this game is the original one, through the use of the widely spread Facebook social media website. In July 2013, the game counted 20.7 million active players every day on Facebook, which was seen as a considerable increase from the 9.7 million daily users recorded in January.

The social gaming environment was taken by storm with the launch of Candy Crush Saga, a video game produced by King which quickly became the most sought after game on both computer and mobile platforms. For those of you not familiar with the history of the game, the Candy Crush cheat options and the entire gameplay, there are many dedicated websites, like, that describe the best ways to play it in specials sections dedicated to this game. The online frenzy surrounding Candy Crush Saga just never seizes to grow, apparently. With more and more persons becoming social media users simply because they want to access this online game, there is a foreseeable future for gaming and social media platforms together, acting as one huge magnet for Internet users all around the world.