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Crucial elements for a good website design

09 Mar Posted in Tech


Every designer has their own style when it comes to building a website for a company, but all web pages need to include some common elements, to achieve their purpose. Because you are not an expert in this domain, you might not consider important some of them, because you only see the interface of the website, and you test its features to check if it is functional or not. From search functionality and great images to clear calls-to-action and whitespace, these are elements which make the difference between a functional website and a good one. When you opt for professional website design, experts will be the ones who will create your page and they will make sure that they check every one of the crucial elements, they have to include in its design. Everything is about details, and you should make sure that none of the ones below is neglected.

Crucial elements for a good website design

Space is an important tool

Space is one of the most important aspects you have to consider when building a website, because it indicates every one of the other features, as readability and flow. Website designers are using space in a way they did not do it a few years ago, and this changes the way the pages look like. The majority of sites designed nowadays feature increased space between lines of content and you can notice that the overall look of the websites is based on open space. Space is crucial when creating a focal point for visitors, so if you want to highlight a certain section of your website, then you can insert a piece of text or image surrounded by white space, and users will definitely notice it.

Simple navigation for complex websites

You might want a complex website for your company, but this does not mean that users have to see navigating your website as making a puzzle. They should find easy to identify how it works, so you should keep the navigational menus to their minimum. In this way, you will not overwhelm the users. Depending on the type of website you want, you should opt for five to ten navigation items. In case you want to opt for parallax scrolling, then you should ask the designers to include directional arrows to make the website user friendly.

Include an About Us section

It is important for both small and large companies to tell their users who they are. Through this page, you get in touch with your clients and you tell them who you are and what you do. You can outline your goals and philosophies and you can offer them a snippet of the history of your firm. You can use this section to offer your customers the possibility to give you feedback on the quality of your services and products. The About Us page can offer your brand a little personality, so make sure you opt for an interesting design for it. Include photos of you and your team, and even a short biography for every one of you.