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Discover the innovative floating speakers

22 Feb Posted in Tech

When you ask a person about his hobbies, almost every time you will receive the answer that one of his passions is to listen to music. Because the music industry offers a wide variety of styles and every day a new type appears, everyone is able to find one according to their tastes. People are listening to music when they are cooking, eating dinner, working or when they practice sport, because it gives them an amazing feeling. Because music is so widely listened by people speaker developers are trying to offer listeners new products. Nowadays the latest innovation in this domain is the floating speaker, a device made from two parts, a base and a floating form, which not only that are more better looking, but also offer a higher quality of the sound. If you want to find more details about floating speakers, you should read this review where you will find stated useful information.

Discover the innovative floating speakers

They defy gravity

There are many floating speakers on the market, because manufacturers from all over the world tried to bring something new, but all of them share the same principle, they levitate in the air, above of a base. Many persons consider that they defy gravity, because they are not placed on something, they float in the air just like an orb in the space. This is the result of the fact that both the base and the floating part have a magnet incorporated inside them and this allows the upper part to both flow and spin.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor, wet or dry spaces

Until these innovative speakers appeared, people haven’t had the chance to listen to music while staying in the pool, because every device they might place in the water broke. But now they can purchase one of these levitating speakers, which have no problems in being placed in a wet environment. They are designed to float with their speaker side up and this allows them to provide great sound quality even in swimming pools. Even though the levitating speakers are created to feature two parts, the floating one can be used even when it is away from the base. So the user has only to charge it and take it with him wherever he needs.

Common features

As it was stated before, many manufacturers developed these devices, so you will find on the market speakers in different shapes and colors. However, they have some common features, because they are related in some way. The above part of the speakers, functions on batteries, but the base has to be connected to a source of electricity in order to provide the electromagnetic field needed to create the floating effect. When they are charged, the levitating parts can be taken away from the base, and they will be able to play music for many hours. Many of the speakers can also be used for phone conversations, but the battery will last less in this case, Depending on the developer the battery lifetime might vary, but the majority of them are able to play music for more than 8 hours.