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Essential parts of a printer

21 Jan Posted in Tech

Every printer user should know that this device has some essential parts, which have to be functional in order for it to work properly. These parts are common to every product, regardless of the manufacturer and type. When you buy a printer, you should take a look at it and its manufacturer’s instructions and see what parts are specific to it. When studying it from outside, you will be able to see the control panel, paper out tray, paper feed, memory card slots and ink cartridges under cover. However, when you look inside it you might probably find a Konica KM1024 LNB 14PL printhead, which is one of the essential components of every device.

Essential parts of a printer

The print head assembly

You have to know that the parts from the inside of the device are more important that the ones you see, because they make it functional. Every printer has ink cartridges, which might come in various combinations, depending on the manufacturer. Some models might features separate color and black cartridges, others have a single black and color cartridge. In addition, some printers have the printhead included in the cartridges. The printhead is believed to be the core of the device, because it contains a series of nozzles, which spray the drops of ink. Without it, the process of printing is not possible, and its quality influences the quality of the printed-paper. You should know that many companies manufacture printheads, and the same product can be used by more brands. A stepper motor moves the entire assembly. This movement is controlled by a stabilizer bar.

Paper feed assembly

These are the components every user can notice when he is looking to the device. Many manufacturers produce printers that have a paper tray, which is used to load the paper into. However, some of them have a feeder that snaps open on the back of the device and you can place the paper in it. If you purchase a printer that has a feeder, you should know that it would not allow you to place as much paper as a traditional tray. The paper is pulled in from the tray by the rollers, and when the print head assembly is ready for another action, they advance it. Some devices have a special slot that allows you to manually feed envelopes or other special types of paper. You might not see it at the first look, so you should look around and discover if yours has one or not. You are able to set some specific actions from your computer and others from the control panel of the printer. According to its features, it might have more buttons, in order to ease the process of printing. Modern printers offer users the opportunity to import photos from memory cards, because they have a memory card reader included. In this way, you can print your memories without having to use a computer. Professional printers might feature other components, but you can be sure that you will find the ones listed here when you are studying your home printer.