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Get ready for a big event with event program printing

24 Oct Posted in Tech

If you plan corporate events on a regular basis, you probably know by now that one of the best ways to attract public interest is to advertise the event as much as possible. Nowadays, there are many ways to do this, but handing out leaflets and brochures is a classic, proven solution, simply because it works. Even though people like to get a lot of information from online sources, they are still receptive to printed words and images, as longs as they are catchy and reader-friendly. Start by looking for a reliable event program printing company in your area and you will discover that there are many creative ways to advertise your event in the offline world. Here are some important rules that can help you out when printing event programs and other materials for your company.


Get ready for a big event with event program printing

Never compromise on quality

When handing out event programs to your business partners, first impression is very important. If a person isn’t intrigued by what they see in the leaflet as soon as they get it, they’ll just throw it in the nearest garbage can. Therefore, you should start with the basics. Make sure the information is printed on high quality paper and that the photos you chose are relevant and appealing. Do not settle for black and white images just to save money, because they indicate lack of professionalism and might make people skeptical.


How much information should you include?

When discussing document structure with the event program printing company, most clients are faced with the following dilemma: should they include a lot of information or should they focus on images instead? The best solution is somewhere in the middle. You should always find room for essential details, such as the location and time of the event, just to make sure that everyone can attend. However, you shouldn’t overwhelm the reader with too much irrelevant text. Stick to the essentials and, if there is any room left, then include graphics and images.


Do you have custom requirements?

Sometimes, the things you need aren’t offered by default, which is why you should look for a company that allows you to make custom changes. Thus, if you need a specific page layout for an event program or you want the info to be printed on a special type of paper, they should still be able to help you out without raising the price bar too high.