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Guide to Social Media Etiquette

06 Jan Posted in Social Media

Using social media networks to market your company or your professional side is different form the way people interact when engaging with family or friends. It is important to watch your language and attitude, because anything you say, accidentally or on purpose, can offend readers and damage your reputation. Unless your business is involved in politics, leave political discussions out of social media. The last thing your career or company needs is angry users pointing out your mistakes. This guide to social media etiquette will help you avoid angering online masses.

Guide to Social Media Etiquette Guide to Social Media Etiquette Pictures

Double check what you are posting. Either you use a smartphone or a computer to manage your accounts, always check the message you are posting before sending it. Make sure you check the grammar when writing posts and brush up on apostrophe use and word forms. Of course, it is difficult to send a message in 140 characters, but if it not legible it will have no impact.

Do not abuse hashtags. Abusing hashtags when you are talking about a service or product might create irrelevant content for some users. Although in theory it is a clever marketing practice, in practice it is not as gracefully. Try to avoid whenever possible to insert marketing messages into the conversations of other people. A little research should reveal what hashtags are relevant for your audience. Capitalize the first letter of each word to make it more readable.

The power of please and thank you. This rule is not only part of the social media etiquette, it has been an etiquette standby in our lives for some time now. These are powerful words that don’t only get ahead in the race, but help you become a better person and make the world a better place. And that is the true purpose of proper etiquette.

Don’t use all capital letters and exclamation points. Using capital letter is generally considered yelling. If you yell at your audience, they will unfollow you or get annoyed. Punctuation is another important part of the social media etiquette. Not every sentence should have exclamation points, especially a bunch of them. They do not make the post more interesting and can cause your message to lose its essence. Use punctuation wisely.

Don’t get too personal. A business is not a friend, and when you get too personal with individuals and reply to their personal stuff it becomes confusing and awkward. When you are posting from your company’s accounts, remember that a business has no business in clients’ personal lives.

Do not follow everybody back. Another social media etiquette tips is to avoid following everybody back. Instead, follow just the people or companies that are relevant to your business.