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History of Social Media

11 Nov Posted in Social Media

No matter how much we fight it and how much he argue over its negative influence, we all have to agree on the fact that social media has become an integrated part of our lives. It started out innocently as a socializing tool. We used it to keep in touch with old friends that we couldn’t see on a daily basis but without even noticing it, we started using it for entertainment, reviews, shopping, news, charity and so on. Basically, any person or organization who is engaged in the present, is using at least one social media network. Lets take a look at the history of social media in order to see how we got tangled in this madness.

History of Social Media History of Social Media Pictures

  • The internet

Social media evolved from traditional media channels but it would not had been able to become so viral if the internet hadn’t been invented. So, we could say that the history of social media started in 1969, when the first public US internet provider appeared. This provider was quite successful throughout the 80s but in the 90s it was dethroned by other providers. The next important step was in 1971, when the first electronic mail was delivered. However, the full potential of the internet was not activated until 1993, when CERN donated the world wide web to the world. The next big step occurred in 1998 when Google was introduced as a major search engine provider.

  • The social board

Regular family newsletters are a very fun tradition which was kept by many American families. Perhaps it was this simple idea that inspired the creation of the BBS in 1978, the bulletin board system. It was used in order to unite information for several members of a community which had the same interests. Posting on a common board instead of sending individual messages to all the members of a team or a community proved out to be quite productive.

  • The social network

There were many attempts to create social networks and it is very hard to actually determine which one was the first. However, the first mentionable such network was created in 1999 in Great Britain. It was used as a tool to keep in touch with old school mates. 2001 is the year which marks the birth of Wikipedia, a cooperative projects platform. The next memorable social network attempts were: Friendster (2002), MySpace (2003), Linkedln (2003) and eventually Facebook (2004). It took Facebook 4 years to dethrone My Space as the most popular social network, a position which it has retained until the present, when it has reached 1 billion users.

Facebook is not the last step in the evolution of social media but it is probably the most complex social network. Despite the fact that it reunites companies, music, celebrities, news and many more, people still use certain networks which are focuses on just one aspect such as YouTube or Flickr. Still, more and more of these websites are linking themselves to Facebook, as well as with other prominent social networks and it would not be uncommon for all these separate social networks to eventually be integrated into a single one. This is but a brief history of social media. Its power over the whole world is undeniable and perhaps it is not such a bad thing. Despite the addictive aspects, there are also a lot of good things that are connected to social media such as political awareness and charitable causes.