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How the Internet has changed the handmade community

23 May Posted in Social Media


The Internet has revolutionized the in which that artisans and makers showcase and sell their items. It is no longer necessary for them to participate in handmade fairs. These days, people present their homemade and handcrafted treasures in virtual communities. Yes, the Web is the hub for people who have a passion for handmade. Artisans and makers have understood that joining a handmade social network is one of the best ways to draw attention to their necklaces or children’s crafts. They have also understood that they can easily build a business online. In this article, we will try to measure the impact of the Internet on the handmade community. It will surprise you.

How the Internet has changed the handmade community

Meeting fellow creative people

Virtual communities, or social networks, allow people to get in touch with others just as creative as they are. So, those interested in building a creative tribe are in luck because the online environment is full of creative minds. They are just waiting to be discovered. Social networking is not all about posting photos of your latest projects, but about making systems of connections. Handmade social networks contain content that has been created by thousands of different people, so the chances of finding people that have the same ideas and interests as you are high. You just have to be willing to socialize.

Showing off crafts

Having an online portfolio is great. Of course, no one will hire through social media websites, artists get the opportunity to show the world their handmade products. The public gets to see how gifted they are and they inspire others too. On handmade social network sites like, it is possible to show off cards, pottery, crafts for kids, jewelry, and much more. Websites of this kind are visually-driven, allowing artists to share many images. Simply put, thanks to the Internet it’s no longer impossible to get noticed.

Tuning passion into profit

It’s not possible to talk about the ways that the Web has changed the handmade community without discussing about the financial aspect. Handmade social networks have transformed artists into entrepreneurs. At present, artisans can sell goods fit to wear in shops and both markets on social commerce sites. Attention should be paid to the fact that not all online platforms allow to sell directly. Some sites give users the possibility to grow in popularity. If artists and makers manage to gain a significant number of votes, they are promoted on Twitter and Facebook. There is no more need for marketing.

On the basis of the points listed above, it is clear that the Internet has had a positive impact on the handmade community. The Web has brought artists together, given them the opportunity to showcase their work, and turn their passion into profit. The world is changing and artists and makers should embrace the change. Those who are interested in getting started with social networking have to pick carefully. Diving right into social media can be intimidating. It is necessary to explore before making a choice.