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How to Obtain Intellectual Property Rights for Your Digital Content

16 Jun Posted in Tech

People nowadays are spending more and more time online. The new smartphones and the super-fast and almost-everywhere available internet has made the Digital Era a revolutionizing thing that changed our lives forever. This fact only emphasizes the importance of having a proper digital experience when having a business or for different types of organizations.

Knowing it all comes with a price, the digital era and the increased time being online, makes no exception too. According to latest reports, digital attacks have risen over the years too. Besides the DDoS attacks, people are completely okay with stealing digital content that characterizes as intellectual property as well.

What is Intellectual property law?

How to Obtain Intellectual Property Rights for Your Digital Content

Owning a personalized website is a great tool for generating sales and promoting your business but unfortunately just as Web commerce increases, so does the risk that other similar companies may copy and repurpose the features, the look and the feel of your website. However, there are some things that you can do to protect something that you`ve put long hours into creating and developing.

Here comes in handy the intellectual property law which is a grown practice area with the purpose of protecting the creations of the human mind. Different creations are suitable and under the protection of this law for examples literary and artistic work like music, books, artwork, plays, product names, designs, images, symbols, slogans and trade secrets.

IP law is contained of six primary areas: trademark law, copyright law, patent law, licensing, trade secret law, and unfair competition. IP law in recent years is constantly growing hence of the rise of the technology and new developments growth, the need for protecting the intellectual capital and property of an organization as one of the most valuable assets becomes more and more broadly affirmed.

Intellectual Property Lawyers Essex are much needed in today`s competitive landscape to protect the ownership of new ideas as much as of existing creations and they will be needed as long as invention and innovation exist. IP Protection Essex are among top cities promoting and suggesting more than one to protect your digital content.

How to protect your digital content?

Let people know that the content is protected:


This protection is a form of intellectual property and allows for a clear proof of ownership and therefore protects the original work of its creators. Copyrights are most-commonly signed by the phrase “all rights reserved” or by the symbol ©.


If your website contains unique images they can be easily lifted/used elsewhere and therefore they need to be protected. To prevent this you can add a transparent mark included in the image, logo or a brand name, called watermark meaning when the image is copied, they can be easily distinguished as your property with the distinguished watermark.

Logo, name, and taglines

One of the most important things when it comes to the “identity” of your brand is your name and logo. Trademarks for both of them should provide a legal protection.

Request credit

When you do find out that someone has been using your original text/photos without giving you the credit you should consider contacting the website`s administrator and ask for proper credit with a link leading to your site.

Protect your IP rights

Register your trademarks and domain name which is user-friendly.

Register your website

Be cautious and take steps about disclosure of your trade secrets and confidential business information with all of your employees signing a confidentiality agreement. You can also discuss with someone from an IP Lawyers firm.

Consider taking an IP insurance policy and posting that its existence its known about maybe with publishing it on your webpage-that might change potential infringer`s minds.

From IP Protection Essex they point out that websites are common targets for lawsuits and that staying cautious should be your priority in order to protect your intellectual property.