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Innovative solutions for start-ups – Virtual office addresses

25 Mar Posted in Business


A brilliant solution for fresh start-ups that helps them become profitable and productive. When the new dynamics of the business world call for increased levels of flexibility, it is important for one to cut some of the time (and money) consuming aspects of a business. Take commute time, for example. Many have found that instead of spending up to two hours in order to prepare for and travel to work they would rather use them to work from wherever they want. This applies with success in the case of many start-ups where the handful of employees is the founder and a few others. The developers of these virtual offices in Singapore have proved that such solutions come with plenty of benefits, as described below.

  Innovative solutions for start-ups - Virtual office addresses

No commute time unnecessarily spent

When you cut the two daily hours spend on preparing for and going to work, you get more productivity. From yourself and from your employees equally. By cutting those hours, employees are more likely to start working early and be more productive overall. There is no unpredictable traffic involved; no delayed working days due to it, any stress caused by waking up and the morning ritual, which makes employees more focused.

Less personal days and sick days used

Your employees might request a day off in many situations. Maybe they have a special parent-child day at school, maybe they need a trip to a doctor, maybe you just feel way too tired to reach the office on the scheduled time. Well, while working at an office might mean one must take a day off in order to accomplish these duties, while working from home, they have a more flexible schedule, and they can make up to the hours spent on personal issues later. Which, of course, means less sick or vacation days spent.

Save great amounts of money

There are two considerations that make a great difference in terms of money when you have a virtual office address, and those are no money spent on techy gear and equipment, and no money spent on renting an office. The whole bring your own technology philosophy started in school systems; it quickly took over the business world, however. This means that the employees have to use their own technological means to accomplish their duties. Which means that the employer doesn’t have to spend huge amounts of money on such equipment. On the other hand, while you have a virtual office, you don’t need to rent a physical one in order to be functional as an enterprise.

What virtual office address services consist of, more exactly?

First of all, you can use the given address for registration purposes. You will have here delivered all your correspondence and then have it mailed or faxed to you. All the papers will be delivered in PDF format at the client’s request, and if preferred, the holder of the virtual office address can pass by periodically and pick their correspondence.