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Innovative Surveillance Technologies

02 Dec Posted in Tech

The industry of surveillance cameras has evolved very much since the first camera has been invented and the features have improved in such ways that the latest surveillance technologies offer complete protection and peace of mind when it comes to keeping your home and your assets safe. From cameras that can detect the faces to high-quality components that deliver real-life footage, the most innovative surveillance cameras provide users with comfort and safety in every weather condition and at all times.
Innovative Surveillance Technologies Picture Innovative Surveillance Technologies Picture

Cognitec Face Detection surveillance camera

This surveillance camera from Cognitec brings the latest technologies in face detection and tracking that can deliver high efficiency in detecting and identifying intruders. The FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 provides a clear image similar to that of the machine-vision cameras while using components and network structures of security cameras. The innovative software used in creating this camera can detect and identify a face in real time and is programmed to alert the security staff through the mobile phone. A great feature of this surveillance camera is that it detects faces over time which allows it to memorize frequent visitors and to detect a particular person in a crowd. The efficient face-recognition features, the low bandwidth consumption, and the superior control over its features make this security camera a leader in the industry.
Innovative Surveillance Technologies Picture Innovative Surveillance Technologies Picture

Thermal Imaging Radar

This is a real work of art coming from the Remote Surveillance Ltd, a company that has been constantly improving the industry of security cameras. The 360-degree camera combines a high-quality thermal camera with a smart geospatial platform to obtain the most efficient observation and detection. One thermal surveillance camera delivers a thermal solution on an area up to 1 km in radius, which brings a cost-effective solution and a panoramic view of the area that is constantly analyzed for any intrusion.
Innovative Surveillance Technologies Picture Innovative Surveillance Technologies Picture

SNC-VM772R 4K Camera

This is probably the best outdoor security camera system. Sony is targeting city surveillance, railway, traffic and airport monitoring with this 4k camera that combines 4 times the resolution of a regular camera with low-light sensitivity brought by the Illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor. This sensor enhances the visibility by raising the image resolution while the infrared light source makes the camera suitable for both day and night observation. The Coding feature decreases the storage and the bandwidth by adapting the compression to the area that requires monitoring so that the camera will be a low consumption one. The Scene Capture feature of this outdoor security camera system adjusts brightness and the colors to the weather conditions so that you will receive sharp images at all times.