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Learn the difference between commercial and advertising photography

26 Oct Posted in Tech

Commercial and advertising photography are lucrative fields that focus on promotion rather than preserving a memory or making art. While both fields are used for promotional purposes, their focus and techniques are different.

aston martin car photography Modern professional contemporay commercial photography by UK photographer Tim Wallace of Ambient Life Photography

Commercial photography is used to promote a building, artifact, model, merchandise and landscape, so the aim of the photographer is to put the subject of the photo in a positive light. Everything from the background, lighting, styling and techniques used have the only purpose to make the product being promoted look better. A commercial photographer in Ottawa will have numerous job opportunities in the real estate, retail and wholesale sectors. To become successful in this industry, one requires skills and techniques dedicated to bring forth the most appealing aspects of a building, so a little architecture knowledge is generally needed. The array of techniques employed in commercial photography are limited by the fact that the photo shoot is solely dedicated to the promoted product. Advertising photography is less limited in terms of techniques and styles, because it promotes not only products, but also ideas, concepts and lifestyles. With a greater creative freedom, the photographer can employ a wider selection of techniques and tools.

Photography tools

When it comes to commercial and advertising photography, specialists need to use the latest tools and technology available on the dedicated market to remain competitive. From digital multiple lenses to advanced tripods and umbrella, a photographer that plans to take photos for promotional purposes needs to have the latest gear at hand. One always have to be creative and come up with something unique when promoting, so equipment with limited capabilities will only make things difficult. The broad array of photo shoots required in this industry demands the use of multiple lenses and the latest photography gear.

Photography management

Photo management plays an important role in commercial and advertising photography. Without good command of Photoshop, Lightroom or similar software, photographers would not be able to work in these fields. This type of software is used to touch up commercial and advertising photos, but the most essential feature is the ability to edit a large amount of materials in the shortest time possible. When promoting a product, you require a perfect image, so using Photoshop or similar applications is mandatory, because there is no such thing as a perfect photo.