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Make your life easier with a vi commands cheat sheet

17 Jul Posted in Social Media

All those who are new at working with Linux know that at first it can be a little tricky to get to know all the commands and apply them properly. This is why many of them need a vi commands cheat sheet to help them find the command they need fast and apply it without any problems. This visual text editor has many commands that have been designed to enable its users to do their tasks effectively, but until they get used to them, they might need a little help and there is nothing better than a sheet with all the commands listed to enable them, to find what they need fast. Fortunately for them, such lists are quite easy to find on the internet and dedicated websites may even have some explications for those who need additional information about a certain command.

Make your life easier with a vi commands cheat sheet

Even experienced users are surprised when they find new commands they had no idea about. That is the beauty about having a complete vi commands cheat sheet, it enables you to look over the commands and choose those that are best for you at that time. Many users often end up using the same commands, even though they could use something better and easier. The problem is they forget about most commands even though they were designed precisely to make the user experience better. So having a commands cheat sheet nearby becomes an absolute must for everyone. Whether you have been using Linux for a long time or you are just now beginning to use it, there will always be a new trick to learn.


There are websites available on the internet where people can actually find details about each command, when it is best to use it and they could make the most out of every command. Any professional needs to take some time once in a while and research everything new that has been released to the public or at least brush up on the things he has not used in a while. This way he will always be able to stay in touch with the news and use the vi commands easily. This visual text editor has been designed to make things easier, so even though at first you may think there are too many commands, after a while you will realize that you use it considerably easier.


All in all, when in comes to using Linux, having a vi commands cheat sheet close by will definitely make your life easier and it will improve your user experience considerably. Some sheets even have examples to allow the readers to understand everything completely and do their tasks without any problems. From input commands and change commands to deletion commands and parameters, everything you might need to know, you will find out in a cheat sheet, carefully detailed and explained. There are many such sheets available on the internet, so finding one that best suits your needs should definitely not be a problem, especially if you take some time to find one.