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Marquee letters vs. smart TV’s – which one is better for advertisement?

12 Sep Posted in Social Media

Any person who owns a bar or a restaurant wants to attract new customers and motivate them to return another time. For this, everything needs to look just perfect. The overall setup of your local, the services provided by your employees as well as the way you decorate it. In today’s world where everyone is surrounded by technology and smart screens, all business owners need to choose between adding a few smart TVs in their bar or restaurant, to allow their guests to enjoy watching something fashionable and perhaps offer them a few conversation ideas, or decorating their restaurants with marquee letters. The best choice out of these two options obviously depends on the type of bar or restaurant that they have. Some who wants to have something very modern should definitely go for the smart TV and have it tuned on some music videos or something else that might be suitable for the theme of that restaurant, while those who want to have something more traditional, perhaps more romantic, should choose some vintage marquee signs to complete the atmosphere in their bars.

Marquee letters vs. smart TV’s - which one is better for advertisement

On the one hand, everyone remembers those restaurants that had marquee signs that said Open, Bar, Wine or many other similar words. For a while they disappeared off the market, but lately they are making a comeback and those who want to remodel their restaurants or bars and make them look traditional should definitely consider buying a few marquee letters from a specialized company. They can practically make any type of sign they want with a variety of messages, so they can rely on the fact that they can decorate their restaurants the way they were imagining. On the other hand, this does not mean that smart TVs cannot be just as an effective way to offer a bar some personality. The main advantage of a smart TV is that their owners can post on it various pictures, messages or even music videos and movies that will match the overall theme of their establishment. However, smart TVs do come with a price and not all restaurant owners might want to invest a very large amount of money in something like this.


To conclude, no matter what a business owner might choose for his restaurants, the good thing is that there are plenty of options on the market. Some people might prefer to use modern accessories and offer their restaurants a modern look, while others might go for the classic choice and get inspiration from the marquee letters. Those who want to find one or the other can simply make a quick search online and they will surely find a professional supplier. One thing is for sure, any restaurant or bar needs its personal charm and a theme to be successful and in today’s competitive market, few business owners can afford not to invest in something like this. Considering the multitude of possibilities, customers have become increasingly demanding too when it comes to choosing a bar, which is why owners always have to stay on top of their requests.