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Mobile phone charging issues

08 Jul Posted in Tech

In the majority of cases, when people notice that their phone is not charging properly, they think it is an issue with the device, and not with the charger. Well, you should know that many times, the phone is functional, but the charger features an issue, and in this case, there are little things that can be done. You may have no idea, but issues occur from different reasons, and the main ones are hardware malfunction and user carelessness. Your phone is crucial in helping you finish your tasks daily, and modern phones come with multiple characteristics to improve their user’s experience, but in time, you should expect them to deal with errors. If you notice that your charger is not properly functioning, then you should access a professional site to learn more on the types of chargers available online, and which one is the right one for your phone.

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Determine the problem with your phone

You will have no issues in detecting if your phone features a charging problem. The best way to notice if there is an issue is to watch it into charging mode. The majority of mobile phones feature a Battery Charging symbol on the screen, and depending on the model, you choose it may even indicate the charging status. No matter what model of phone you have, it will definitely feature the battery symbol, and you will be able to notice the status of the charging. In case you notice that, no actions happen when you plug it, then you should consider that it has a charging issue. Some common issues may be broken charging-cords and faulty cords. You will not be able to figure out by yourself why the port or cord is not working, so you should either consult a professional technician, or buy a new one.

How to fix your phone charging problems

The procedure you should use to deal with the charging issues may differ according to the purchase status of your mobile phone. In case you have an extended warranty through your mobile phone provider, then you should not try to fix the issues by yourself. You should take the phone back to the provider, because if you do anything to the device the provider may not be able to fix it. Also, when you take the phone to the provider you are sure that a technician will check it and they are able to fix it, no matter what problem it may feature. However, if you do not have a warranty, then you should try some tricks.

  • The first thing you have to do is to try another charging cord. You can ask one of your friends to see if it is working, or if they do not have one, you can buy one from an online store. In case the cord is not working, you can return it.
  • In addition, you should clean the port, because there are cases when dust settles inside. You can shoot a burst of air into the port, and use some rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts.