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Most common types of social media users

26 Nov Posted in Social Media

Using social media for marketing purposes is a great idea, considering the popularity of social media networks today. In order to increase awareness and sales, you must understand the differences between the 7 types of social media users. Most Internet users are addicted, and these types rose from that compulsion to spend enormous amounts of time online. This new breed of social media personalities has been the subject of many studies that focus on revealing their traits and finding ways to engage them.

Most common types of social media users Most common types of social media users pictures

1. The Quiet Follower
The quiet follower is one of the most common types of social media users. It is the person who has followed you on Twitter or liked your page on Facebook, but engages only on rare occasions. In order to cause them to like or retweet you, try using images or polls. If you get them to engage, your content will become more visible in their newsfeed. However, appealing to the public with interesting, fun content can be difficult. Most companies post a ton of content, from humorous images to trivia tailored to their niche.

2. The Deal Seeker
Many users fall into this category. They are the fans who want you to give them exclusive access to deals, coupons, events and contests. In order to engage these users, try offering special promotions and contests once a week. This will result in more shares, likes, fan appreciation and the growth of your business in the long run.

3. The Casual Liker
The casual likers are those types of social media users that help you boost your social visibility by retweeting and liking your content. You know you have many casual likers when your post has many shares and likes, but few comments. Most of the times, consumers trust their friends’s recommendations and are more likely to become your fans as well. Use call-to-actions content to engage them and turn them into committed brand advocates.

4. The Unhappy Customer
Although no business want unhappy customers, sometimes you simply cannot please them all. Social media makes it easier for unhappy clients to complain on your Twitter and Facebook pages, which could affect your reputation. The best thing you can do is to respond to complaints as soon as possible and show that you put your customers first. These types of social media users will become even more irritated if they don’t receive a prompt response.

5. The Cheerleader
These types of social media users are even better than the casual liker, due to the fact that they like, retweet, share and comment all of your content. To make this beneficial for you, make sure the posts are worth cheering about and the friends that see them have a reason to get enthusiastic as well.

6. The Negative Critic
Many companies’ social media accounts are filled with rants or complaints about problems unrelated to the business. Even if these comments are created by trolls, you must not react in a negative manner in order to keep keep your reputation safe. Avoid making controversial statements and simply discourage these conversations.

7. The Loyal Fan
These types of social media users are easily recognizable, because they constantly defend you against negative critics and always recommend you to friends and family. A great idea is to ask them to share their stories and use them as testimonials. Encourage these users to continue to promote your business with customer appreciation.