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New Device for Network Management

23 Mar Posted in Tech

Working as a network administrator means managing a computer network. To be precise, it’s an activity aimed to:

  • Check the safety of the network (a network administrator must be sure that his network is free from malicious programs, and unauthorized users can’t reach it);
  • Check the output of the network (a network administrator has to check how all the appliances on the network operate and eliminate all bottlenecks on time);
  • Check the reliability of the network (a network administrator often investigates whether the network’s users are able to reach it and whether it responds to the software and hardware faults).


SNMP Management Software: How Does it Work?

If you find the definition of the network management in any IT dictionary, you may see at once that it’s a complicated activity. It often includes such job duties as administration, operation, maintenance and ration of the network. Of course, performing a network management manually is a tough work and can’t be done effectively without a special tool.

To ease the life of the network administrators and to enhance the quality of the network management, a new generation of products has been invented. Most of them use SNMP scanners to investigate computer networks. So what is SNMP and why it’s so effective in managing computer networks?

Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP is an application-layer protocol designed to ease the swap of the data between the objects connected in one network. Every time when you choose an SNMP network management tool, you buy a kit of tools that may help you control your network effectively.

An SNMP network management software has:

  • SNMP Manager (it’s a separate entity that was created to communicate with the SNMP agents installed on the network appliances);
  • SNMP Agent (it’s a software that should be installed on the managed appliance and used to collect information from the device and supply it to the SNMP Manager whenever it requires for it);
  • Management Information Base (MIB) (it’s a database between the SNMP Manager and the SNMP Agent).

Main Benefits of Using SNMP Network Management Software

The main benefit of using SNMP network management tools is the fact that they don’t need massive installations, heavy downloads and client-side software. Most of these program products are server-based and can be easily reached with the help of the Web browser.

When you use such a kind of software, you may easily get an inventory list of the objects on your network and make a comprehensive topology network map by performing an SNMP scan.

You may even reveal and check the level of the toner/ink no the printers on the network by using these tools.

Finally, most of SNMP network management software products are able to generate detailed printable reports about the network objects.

Today, we have tried to give you some hints on what SNMP network management tools are and why you should choose them. Hope that our post will help you make the right choice!