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Old school marketing campaigns that will always be effective

31 Jul Posted in Business


Living in the digital age has many benefits on businesses, although, when it comes to marketing strategies, the old school techniques turn out to be more efficient. Companies choose online campaigns, television advertisements and social media publicity, and forget about the importance of promotional products. It is very important to understand the concept of promotional merchandise, as you can successfully combine it with your marketing strategy. There are many key advantages of using promotional products in your business and you might want to know more about that.

Old school marketing campaigns that will always be effective

Long-term publicity

Although many marketing instruments focus on digital channels, real products are addressed to the real public, in the real world. For example, promotional cotton tote bags will take your logo to the market, to school or to the beach. This way, different categories of people will be able to recognize your company and your products. Moreover, people tend to keep promotional items for more than a year, which will make them and the people around them being aware of your existence constantly.

Loyalty and trust

Modern times will not make the joy of receiving a gift fade. The idea of receiving something unexpected makes people happy and they will associate this feeling with your brand. Moreover, giving them something practical and useful will increase their satisfaction. You will also be satisfied by thinking that so many customers use products that contain your business image. These items will be a constant reminder of your business and the services that you provide, making your customers stick to you.

Low-cost strategy

Oftentimes, marketing budgets are not very high, and this is why, including promotional merchandise in your marketing strategy is budget friendly and beneficial. Firstly, online campaigns and TV ads can be very expensive, while using brand products is actually very affordable. Secondly, customers are more likely to forget any digital campaign, no matter how good it is. However, a promotional product will be used on many occasions, and they will not forget soon about your company.

Freedom of choice

Many people chose to run a business from the desire to be independent and to express their own ideas and concepts. One of the best things about offering promotional items is that you can use your ideas and imagination in order to create original and attractive articles. You can choose any colour, shape, or size of the product you want to offer and print anything you want on it. It can be a funny saying, your company’s logo, a picture, or anything that has to do with your business. You will surely be satisfied by the results and the consumers will be one-step closer to you.

Although we live in a modern era, marketing strategies are still based on the techniques that were used back in the days. Do not neglect the importance of promotional products, as they can make the difference between you and the other companies. If you want to show your clients that you run a professional, responsible and stable company, make sure you use this marketing strategy.