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Questions to ask when you hire a web designer

25 Sep Posted in Tech


If you decided to build a website for your company, then you will need a professional web developer to create it for you. You have endless choices when you check the price offers and the web design companies available on the market, and this does not make the process easy for you. You have to make sure that you collaborate with an expert who understands your needs, and who will make sure to provide you a product that will improve the effectiveness of your company. You do not have to know too many things about web design in order to build a functional website. But it is important to know the basic details, because you will have to interview the designers and understand what they are talking about.

Questions to ask when you hire a web designer

Can you offer me examples of your previous work?

When you contact experts in web design Heathfield you have to make sure that the way they design a website is the one you want your page to look.  You should tell them the budget you have for this project, and ask them to show you some websites they created in a similar range. If you do not like their work, and the style they design the pages, you should not hire them. Also, you should contact some of the clients, and ask them how long the project took and if they are satisfied with the result.

Who does the technical work, and who manages the project?

Depending on the firm you hire, you may collaborate with a single person who does all the tasks. Alternatively, the project will be managed by a person, and the website will be built by another one. Large companies have teams composed of programmers, graphic designers and copywriters who work together to build a website.  You have to know from the beginning who you should contact during the process, and who will handle every one of the tasks. Also, you should ask them if they have an expert in technical issues, because it is important specialists to work on creating the page.

What happens if I do not like the initial design?

You should ask them how many times they are willing to change the design of the website in case you do not like it. Make sure they do it in the initial price, because there are companies that ask an extra fee if you do not like the initial result. There are companies that offer you unlimited changes, because their main interest is to offer their clients a product they are happy with. It is important you to have an idea on how you want the result to be, because in this way you can inform them before they start creating the website, and you increase the chances to like the website from the beginning. Also, you should not forget to ask them how you can make changes to the website in the future, because as your business evolves, you will want to change the way the web page looks. They can provide you a CMS to make the basic changes by your own, or they can offer to do them for you, in exchange of a fee