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Reasons to consider IndieGoGo when proposing a project

05 Apr Posted in Tech

If you are planning to grow your own business, but you do not have the needed money for starting it, you have to do some research and see which options are available on the market. If you have an awesome idea and your product is an innovative one, then you have great chances to have your project fueled entirely by the crowd. Crowd funding offers you the possibility to avoid debt, banks or venture capital, because you will receive, the needed funds from successful solopreneur investors, who trust your project. Specialists recommend having your project hosted by IndieGoGo Pr, because it provides multiple advantages.

Reasons to consider IndieGoGo when proposing a project

What offers IndieGoGo

The first thing you should know about IndieGoGo is that it does not curate your project if you choose to let it host. It was designed as an inclusive as a community which does not decide if your project should get the funding or not. It allows people to post projects from a wider range of categories that other communities do, and the supporters are the ones who decide if your project should be funded or not. If you choose it, you should know that it does not select the projects, which will benefit from promotion on its website; it has an algorithm, which determines it.

It does not require a refined project

The biggest advantages offered by this community is that it does not review them to detect errors or other similar aspects, as other communities do. In this way, you have the possibility to bring on IndieGoGo even your ideas in the earlier stages, and someone who might not be interested about the form of the project, but of your idea or invention might offer you the needed funds. You do not need a perfect product but a great idea and the ability to present it in a way that would make people curious.

Is a democratized community

It is stated about IndieGoGo that is a more favorable and fair platform than the others present on the market. It does not actively advantages any of the campaigns listed with its help, regardless of their content. You will notice that is displays the bestselling products first, but this does not mean that it advantages them, it is only acting in the business sense. In case you choose the go with all or nothing funding, IndieGoGo will charge 4% from the total money you receive, and in case you do not reach your goal, it will not charge you any fee at all, because you will not receive anything. However, if you go with the flexible funding type, it will charge you 4% of the total sum in case your goal is met or 9% of it is not met. The ones who used this platform have stated that they do not have to deal with stress when using it. You should definitely use this community because IndieGoGo hosts a much larger number of projects than other platforms do, so people should have a reason for choosing it.