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Social Media News as a Democratic Tool

31 Oct Posted in Social Media

Social media represents all the virtual channels, communities and platforms that people use in order in order to create, share and exchange information. It seems that social platforms are taking over all aspects of our life. So far the most important advantage of using the internet has been the massive amount and wide variety of available information. However, the new step in the evolution of the internet is sharing information in the shape of social media news. Social platforms now represent the intersection of social media and news and we think its safe to assume that in the future, these platforms will completely redefine the concept of journalism.


Social Media News as a Democratic Tool Social Media News as a Democratic Tool Pictures

  • The evolution of social media

The overwhelming power of the internet has rarely been argued against. However, the evolution of the internet has been quite unpredictable. The power of individual websites has been dethroned by two way interaction media tools such as social networks, message boards, blogs and so on. All these two way-interaction tools are often referred to as Social Media. According to Tim O Reilly, the founder of one of the most important American media companies, the internet will only reach its true potential when the people who are using it start taking advantage of its interactive capability. The internet started being used as a form of media distribution but it seems to be heading toward a new era of creative expression. Given these facts, it seems that we already reached that the new internet era as social media news have integrated all aspects of our life and are proving to be a powerful and unstoppable democratic tool. At this point, it is impossible to predict where this new democratic tool will lead us and whether or not our society is ready for it.

  • Advantages of social media news

One of the most important advantages of social media is the fact that it is redefining the traditional news organizations by engaging the audience in the news. More and more journalists are using social media in order to involve the audience in the way that they are researching and presenting the news. This is a very important tool for the viewers as it creates a new layer of information. Thus, the social media viewers are more informed when viewing breaking news and when they are trying to dissect that news in order to separate fiction from reality. The inner nature of breaking news is being redefined as the witnesses are taking over the news. The control is being shifted from the traditional media organizations to the audience. In democratic terms, social media is the purest and most complete expression of the freedom of speech. It is a conversation between those who know and those who wish to know and it can also be used for raising political awareness and as a motivator for political participation for the masses.