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Social Media Statistics

06 Nov Posted in Social Media

There are many traditional people who argue over the negative aspects of internet. These are the people who say that they prefer to talk to friends in person than to leave posts on a wall and they like to try out clothes in a store instead of ordering them online. However, our current society is moving at such a fast speed that if you don’t use social media, you will be left behind. Lets take a look at some social media statistics and see how influential it really is and whether it is all bad or it also has some positive aspects.

Social Media Statistics Social Media Statistics

  • User statistics

Lets take a look at some social media statistics in order to see which are the most popular social networks. Facebook occupies the first rank with 1,15 billion users. The next popular social platforms are Twitter and Google+ which have 500 million users each. Although 500 million users is quite a lot, we can help but marvel at Facebook’s dominance over other social networks. Other important such networks are LinedIn with 238 million users, Instagram with 130 million users and Pinterest with 70 million users. According to another statistic, despite the fact that Pinterest is rather small compared to other networks, it has the fastest growth rate, 88%. Tumblr is also growing rather fast with a 74% rate.

  • Facebook statistics

Facebook is the most popular social network as it has 1,15 billion users. However, don’t think that most of these users are inactive. On the contrary, 751 million users access Facebook from mobile and 23% of the total Facebook users check their accounts more than 5 times a day. Whether these people are using Facebook for socializing, networking, working or entertainment, we cannot deny that this network is very popular and very useful. It has even convinced the pros; 74% of marketing experts believe that Facebook is an important part of their strategy. Customers are also using Facebook in order to interact with companies. 25% of the customers who make complains about products through this social network are hoping to receive an answer within an hour. We are not sure how prompt the companies really are in answering complains but the fact that people are expecting promptness means that they believe Facebook to be a trustworthy customer satisfaction channel.

  • Interesting social media statistics

The amazing thing about the social media is that all its elements are closely connected with each other. For example, each day people are sharing on Facebook, the equivalent of 500 years of YouTube videos. Furthermore, each minute, the quantity of available videos on YouTube grows with 100 hours. Most people assume that when it comes to social media, the USA dominates all the statistic ranks. However, believe it or not, when it comes to the most engaged countries (according to the average hours spent per month), the USA occupies the tenth position while the first position is occupied by Israel.

As you can see, the social media statistics speak for themselves. People from all over the world are using social media. It is a valuable tool for connecting to all the things that we care for in a timely manner.