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Tax rebate in UK: dos and don’ts

04 Oct Posted in Tech

When you have a job, you should be particularly concerned about your rights as an employee. For example, recent studies have shown that there are a lot of persons that don’t have any idea what they should do in case these rights aren’t respected by the employer or how to receive their money back if they have to pay some taxes. So, if you live in UK and you are interested in getting your money back from the taxes that you should pay, here there are some dos and don’ts that you have to notice before starting the procedure.

Tax rebate in UK - Dos and Donts

Dos regarding tax rebate in UK

Firstly, you should know that the money that you can receive by appealing to the concept of tax rebate depends on certain aspects. One of these aspects is represented by your occupation. For example, a person who works as a nurse in hospital can receive around £100 for washing her uniform at home, because the hospital cannot provide the necessary space and ingredients for doing this activity. On the other hand, someone who works as part of cabin crews can get up to £700 for the same activity. For a better understanding of how things work, you should try to use the words “tax rebate UK”.

Secondly, you should definitely know how to claim tax refund, if you use your own car for business purposes. For example, if you are a teacher and you have to travel outside your normal commute for business purposes, you can ask for your money back. But you need to show a proof of this fact and this usually involves keeping the records of the mileage travelled. The same thing is applied for doctors and health assistants that have to use their own vehicle to go and check the patients at their home.

Thirdly, it’s highly recommended to check if you are available for receiving your money from the tax rebate. The majority of people have to work for at least four years if they want to receive a tax rebate in UK. So, even if you wear a uniform, you can find out that you aren’t in the position of receiving your money yet.

Don’ts regarding tax rebate in UK

  • Don’t waste your time by trying to calculate the money that you should receive. It’s simpler to apply to a company that deals with these kinds of things because they are professionals that can help you gather all the documents you need. Sometimes unexpected things can happen and they can put in a difficult situation. So, it’s better to let the others do the work.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your tax rebate adviser all the information you need in order to understand how you can receive your money. Moreover, another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is how much you have to pay for the advice that you receive regarding the tax system. It’s better to have things clear from the beginning.
  • Don’t throw away the documents which can represent a proof of your spending. Keep the bills and all the shopping tickets related to your job if you want to claim tax refund in UK.