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Technology is changing the advertising business

29 Jun Posted in Business

Advertising isn’t what it used to be and this is due to technology. Internet connectivity has rapidly grown and been adopted by everyone, so it’s only normal that advertising norms have changed dramatically. Nowadays, there are powerful technologies that make it easier to communicate with users about products and services. Does this mean that companies will stop printing brochures any time soon? No, it simply means that advertising will no longer be dominated by print media, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s see just how much technology has changed the ad game.

Technology is changing the advertising business

Going directly to the customers

Not that long ago, it was necessary to create an audience. How did you take advantage of it? Well, you gathered all the people in one room and presented your pitch. Gone are the days when you had to wait for customers to come to you. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can take your brand directly to the consumer. This is the age of the customer and you’re supposed to make an effort. Targeted adds allow a company to get in touch with the most receptive audiences. What is interesting about online ads is the fact that the content is designed to meet a specific set of criteria, targeting users based on location, time of the day, preferences, and more. Therefore, if you and another person go online, you’ll most likely see different ads. More and more companies are expected to invest in digital ads.

Extreme personalisation

Modern brands are changing the game by adopting extreme personalisation. What is it, anyway? Extreme personalisation is a marketing strategy where you reach out to an individual rather than to the marketing persona. The offering is based on the preferences and previous purchases. Customers demand bespoke offerings and this is what businesses are offering them. Consumers don’t want endless products and services. What they want is something tailored to their needs. As a result, consumers receive messages that they will actually engage with. Due to advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, it’s easier than ever to make personalisation happen. When meeting with people face to face, it’s a good idea to have brochures. Click to the following page for brochure printing services:

Social media

As surprising as it may seem, social media isn’t a modern invention. Sites like Twitter or Facebook are the result of centuries of development. The oldest means of communication across significant distances was the letter. In 1792, the telegraph war born and messages could be delivered without having to resort to a horse and rider. The invention of the telephone and radio really had an impact on history. All of the aforementioned technologies are used today. Social media isn’t word of mouth anymore. It has advanced to a global network. You can use social media to grow sales, target new and returning customers, and determine winning strategies. What would we do without social media? Chances are that we would struggle to get our products and services out there and create meaningful connections. It’s a good thing that it isn’t a problem.