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The best apps for training your brain

24 Aug Posted in Social Media

The evolution of technology has transformed the smartphone market into an extremely dynamic place. Nowadays, most people own a smartphone and are constantly interested in newer models, updates, or adding features to their existing phone. Although there are many manufacturers in the industry, there are few “middle” solutions, because the most successful companies have chosen between working on high volume for low prices and offering a lower volume of exclusivist devices. Apple belongs to the second category, and while some people consider that their products are overpriced, others have become loyal clients of the iPhone, regardless the model. The popularity of these devices is due not only to the fact that they are efficient and performing, but also to the fact that they enable their users to access easier all sorts of information. For instance, if you check the latest Apple news, you will be surprised to discover the utility of the applications available. These have evolved from some mere games to systems that can help people with mental illnesses or simply those who want to train their brain.

The best apps for training your brain

The increasing need for these apps

You may wonder why people need this type of application on their smartphones. Well, unfortunately, in the past years experts have noticed a decline in terms of IQ values, in different countries all over the world. All in all, the collective intelligence of Earth inhabitants has dropped by 1 IQ point in the last ten years, and this seems to be cause by the aspects of modern life, from technology to eating habits and so on. For this reason, smartphone manufacturers have come up with the antidote: multiple apps, aiming to help users train their brain, improve memory and boost the IQ.


Which are the apps that you definitely need?

There are many applications that you can get on your phone, and each of them has a different purpose. Take, for instance, Wizard. It has been by a group of neuroscientists from Cambridge, and is trying to improve cognitive functions, such as episodic memory, on schizophrenia patients, who will be thus able to live more independently. Lumosity is another useful app that millions of people are already using. It has been created to exercise mental muscles, by building a routine depending on the skills selected by the user.  The same goes for Fit Brains, a collection of brain games which can strengthen your weak points. You can choose between six mental functions (focus, memory, speed, logic, visual and language), and train them through exercises whose difficulty is gradually increasing. There are also other interesting apps, such as Eidetic (aimed to help you memorise different stuff), BrainHQ (improves your hearing in difficult situations, such as during a tennis match, for example) or Elevate (this one helps you focus better and increases your reading comprehension).


As you can see, there are plenty of useful apps that you can install on your phone. So forget about using it only for making calls or browsing the internet, and start making some intelligence tests to keep your mind sharp.