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The great benefits of choosing bespoke software

27 Jun Posted in Tech

Bespoke software is a custom-made program that is supposed to meet a company or a person’s specific requirements. It is quite a popular choice businessperson make for their companies in order to ease the work of their employers. If you have decided to invest money in bespoke software for your company, the first thing to do is some research on the internet to look for the services of a professional developer. Here are the main benefits that come with choosing bespoke software instead of an off-the-shelf one.

Steps to finding the best software development company

It is custom-made

Businesspersons mostly opt for bespoke software because it is custom-made to their needs and it meets their specific requirements. They need a unique program with which to make their work a lot easier and more efficient. When reaching out to a developer, you offer them detailed instructions about how you would like the software to work, what features to have, or about its purpose. The developer is supposed to deliver you the results you want.

It is more flexible

Another great benefit that comes with bespoke software is that it is more flexible compared to the off-the-shelf one. In the case of off-the-shelf programs, the user has to wait until the vendor releases an update to the program, which means the user cannot specifically request for an update, even though it would be more useful to the user. In the case of bespoke software, the user can request the developer for an update whenever is needed.

No per-user fees

In the case of off-the-shelf programs, users have to pay a fee in order to have access to that specific software. However, this does not happen with bespoke software. Since you already own the software and it was specifically designed to meet your needs, you do not have to pay any extra fees to use it.

A great competitive advantage

Another benefit of investing money in bespoke software instead of off-the-shelf programs is that, believe it or not, the former brings you a great competitive advantage. As it was previously mentioned, the software was custom-made to your requirements, which means it is unique and no one else has it, not even your strongest competitors. You should definitely turn this into your advantage and make it something to differentiate you from the other competitors on the market. It is worth mentioning that if the software package is well designed, it can actually improve the company’s performance and even bring a positive impact on customer satisfaction levels within your company.

Some disadvantages

It is important to know that bespoke software can also have some disadvantages and one of them is that businesspersons have to pay more money in the beginning on designing the software. However, if you take into account that this only happens once and not every several months when an update to the program is released on the market, you can consider this a long-term investment. Another aspect many consider it a disadvantage is that it might take some time until the developer finishes designing the software, but this only depends on the complexity and the size of the program.