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The impact of technology on our lives

04 Jul Posted in Social Media

Without a doubt, technology and especially the Internet have a great influence on our daily lives. Computers are everywhere around us, from our personal desktops, laptops or tablets to the ATMs we take out money from and our transponder car keys. Since technology and the online environment have developed so much around us, becoming such a consistent part of our daily routine, that we barely even acknowledge its influence, taking its presence for granted. Nevertheless, the impact is definitely noticeable at a closer look. There are three main aspects that we can discuss when we talk about the influence of technology and the Internet: the social aspect, the business aspect and the educational aspect. As far as business is concerned, it is quite obvious that the technological advancements have only had positive impacts on today’s businesses, granting them flexibility, exposure and cost saving solutions to promote their products or services, by allowing consumers to find them and choose them more easily and quickly.

The impact of technology on our lives

Thinking about the impact of technology on our social behavior, the influences here were both positive and negative. On the one hand, the Internet and the use of smartphones or tablets have enabled communication among people, greatly facilitating their bonding, the creation of different communities, the sharing of interests, experiences and so on. Communication is definitely faster and easier through technology. On the other hand, the appearance of social media platforms and other such technological advances have made all communication superficial and, at some extent, fake. This especially affects children, as they learn that everything is possible on the world wide web: being something you are not, looking very different than you actually look, doing things that you don’t actually do and so on. While it’s important for the future of a child to learn how to use a computer and how to use the Internet to search for information, or even for services or products, it is equally essential the he or she learns also how to live in the real world.

Last, but not least, the educational aspect is an invaluable positive impact of technology. Apart from the fact that technical and scientific advancements have made it possible for so many academic fields to create better, more efficient devices and solutions, the Internet has also facilitated the linking between universities, research groups and labs from all over the world, which now have the chance to faster and more easily communicate, send over papers, research, share their knowledge and even work together more conveniently and at much lower expenses. The bottom line is that, whether we acknowledge it or not, technology has an important influence over our lives, from the gadgets we use to the social behavior we accede.