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The selection process in an automotive manufacturing company

22 Apr Posted in Social Media

Hiring personnel in the automotive industry can be more difficult than you imagine, and whether you are running a garage or a manufacturing company, you have to choose the best employees. In a fabric where cars are made, each person plays a key role because no error is allowed, especially for those who use the “just in time” system. This type of operation allows companies to produce the exact amount of products demanded by clients. The JIT system has the advantage of reducing costs and material waste, but it has the disadvantage that the smallest error can jeopardize the whole production. For this reason, all the pieces of equipment used must work perfectly and the staff has to be very well trained. For this reason, most of the times the selection process for large manufacturing companies is very exigent and it is diligently created either by HR people or by specialized motor trade recruitment agencies. These are dedicated firms in charge with selecting the best employees in the automotive field and are able to design each stage of the selection process.

The selection process in an automotive manufacturing company.jpg

Any worker of this field has to possess a set of skills and knowledge, and since technology is constantly developing, the industry is become more and more sophisticated. The first thing big companies do once they decide to open a new subsidiary is purchasing the necessary equipment and making an HR plan, to find out the amount of people they will need. The persons having a key role in production must be chosen first, and besides the abilities and experience they already have, they must also attend some training sessions delivered by the employer. They must have leadership skills, because they will coordinate a team, and they must know all the details of the business, since they will have to deliver the information to the people they are coordinating. The initial training is part of the selection process, because it aims to make them understand the core of the company and put in practice their theoretical knowledge. Due to the complexity of the task, selection does not involve only the HR team, but also a representative from each subarea of the company: manufacturing, maintenance, logistics, quality and so on. Depending on the job you are applying for, you are likely to go through many selection stages, but the personal interview and the practical part are the main ones.


The technical knowledge needed for an employee in the automotive company are most of the times acquired by attending the classes of a specialized high school or university, but there are also private institutions offering various courses. Some companies also require an additional diploma, to confirm that you are up to date with the new methods used in the industry. Besides these sills, the ideal worker has to be customer oriented and communicative, pay attention to details, have problem solving abilities and dexterity. While some of them are tested in the technical part of the interview, others are noticed by experts during the personal part.