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Three reasons why you should go for a SIM instead of a mobile carrier plan        

14 Mar Posted in Tech

If you explore the multitude of mobile phones in stores and online, you automatically notice that manufacturers thought about the needs of every user out there. For instance, you have the possibility to choose between digital, analog and dual mode. When it comes to operating systems, customers recognize four types, namely Windows, IOS, blackberry and the most widely used one – android. Moving on to design, choosing from the variety of sizes and shapes seems almost impossible. Some users prefer to facilitate the selection process and simply explore three main options: basic phones, messaging phones and smart phones. Each of these variants suits the non-technical user, the mid-range user and the high-end user. If all these features and characteristics already feel confusing, then wait until you have to select the most suitable mobile phone deal for your needs. Even though in this case you only need to explore two options, SIM and mobile carrier plan, the process remains difficult.

Three reasons why you should go for a SIM instead of a mobile carrier plan

SIM only plan gives you more freedom

Starting with the basics, SIM only plan includes three types: prepaid, month to month and SIM only contract. The prepaid and month to month types allow you to switch network providers as you please, but if you opt for a contract, you will have to deal with a single company. With a mobile carrier plan, you make a big commitment that usually lasts approximately two years. Since you sign a contract, you do not benefit from the same freedom provided by a SIM only plan. Therefore, the main reason for which the latter becomes more and more popular among users is flexibility. Those people who do not like restrictions or limitations will most likely opt for this variant. They do not have to make monthly payments and they have the freedom to recharge whenever they need or want. Moreover, they can change or cancel the plan overnight.

With SIM only plan, you only pay for what you need

Money also represents an important issue when it comes to mobile phone carriers. Some people simply cannot afford signing a contract that forces them to pay a certain amount of money monthly for the same service or more exactly, for the mobile phone received. In fact, depending on the minutes, messages and data you need, you can explore and compare deals provided by 3G and similar companies. If you already have a decent mobile phone and you do not necessarily want the latest version of smart phone recently launched on the market, then you are happy to pay just for what you need in the present.

SIM only plan allows you to switch phones whenever you want

Finally yet importantly, if you change your mind in what concerns the wanted type of phone, with SIM only plan you can explore the models in stores and choose one to your liking. Once you go with mobile phone carrier, you must continue paying for the same phone even though you no longer like it or want to use it. This might prove to be a serious problem for those users who stay up to date with mobile technologies and upgrade their phone periodically.