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Tips on trading LoL accounts safely

03 Jul Posted in Social Media

There are many reasons why League of Legeds players become interested in buying LoL accounts, but the main reason is of course to avoid reaching the Elo Hell. Beginners and not only will easily get stuck in Ello Hell at the smallest mistakes and going out of that is really difficult, if not impossible. This means that you might get to play for months and raise your character quite nicely, but have a stream of bad luck and get into Elo Hell one day. From that moment on you only have three options: either start afresh by making a new account, struggle to get out of Ello Hell or purchase an Unranked  LoL account for sale. You can clearly see why the latter solution might appeal to League of Legends players. After getting stuck in Ello Hell he chances of going out are slim and it involves a lot of work. Other players will also avoid getting involved with you so your chances will become even lower. If you are to delete your previous account and make a new one, you will have to spend time and energy again in order to reach a satisfactory level. It would also be quite boring to go through all that again.

Tips on trading LoL accounts safely

By purchasing a LoL account for sale, players can avoid into divisions they are not fond of, not to mention that most accounts also come with a certain amount of Riot Points and Influence Points. However, there are many players that are so absorbed into the specifications of the accounts for sale that they forget to verify the validity of the offer. There are many people that like to take advantage of this eagerness to scam LoL players into paying for inexistent accounts. This is why you should follow the following tips in order to ensure you will not get scammed into paying for an account that is not actually for sale.


As a buyer, you should always check the reliability of the provider especially when you plan to buy from an unknown source. While the best solution would be to purchase your LoL accounts from a specialized website, you should check out the following things, if you plan to buy your account form an individual user or from a forum. You should first find out as many things as possible about the account. Do not rely only on advertisement, ask for screenshots as well. The account might be less valuable than advertised in reality. You should also try to find out whether the account was suspended or banned in the past. Another important tip is to talk to them in game to make sure they actually own the account they advertise. If they have no access to the account, it is obvious that it will be impossible for you to get a hold of it and you might end up paying for nothing. Do not make any payment until you are certain of the things above, because you can easily be unlucky enough to get scammed.