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Top 5 most popular free ebooks in 2015

21 Oct Posted in Tech

An ebook is the electronic version of a traditional book that can be read on a personal computer or using an ebookreader. Nowadays many authors prefer to publish their books in ebook format because the time of publishing it is shorter that publishing a physical book, and the target reader can reach more easy to the content. There are many options from where a reader can purchase his ebooks, one of the sites being, which offers information about every book that can be found on their site. Because the domain of ebooks is growing every year, there is a top of most popular ebooks in 2015.

top 5 most popular ebooks


This ebook written by Stewart Giles was downloaded 8012 times since its publication in May. The plot is based on a suicide, a woman is found dead with a suicide note on her chest, on which is written “I am so sorry Martin”. Some hours later police is called to a crime scene, where the victims are a mother and her daughter, and the father, whose name is Martin is found covered with blood but unharmed. The book reveals what the investigation detective Smith has to do to elucidate the murder and suicide, and the connection between them. The readers find the ebook terrific, awesome and amazing, and rated it with 6 stars from 6.

After Midnight, A novel

It was written by Diane Schute, in April, and was 5003 times downloaded. Alix does not remember anything from her past, only the today. She is forced to assume the role of Lady Griffon, and starts to remember images from a castle from her past. The book is created around Alix’ fight to fulfill her dreams and this book is the first novel from the Midnight series. The readers say that they enjoyed the storyline, but the end was an unexpected one. They rated it with 6 stars from 6.

Occum’s Razor

This book was written by Stewart Giles and since May, when it was published it had 3088 downloads. The story follows the murder of a football player, who was shot dead in public. The same detective Smith, as from the bestseller Smith investigates the murder and finds that the murder weapon is a Russian sniper. Because other victims appear in the process of investigating, two government agents take over and push Smith aside. The plot of the book was founded to be one of the best of the author’s works, and they ranked it with 6 stars out of 6.

To Get Me To You

This book was written by Kait Nolan and was published in July. Since its publishing it was downloaded 2923 times. It is a romance novel which relates the story of Norah Burke, a successful woman who meets Cam Crawford a tradition preserver man. They ally to protect Cam’s business and they end up being a great team. The readers say that the plot was masterly handled and they ranked it with 6 stars from 6.


The Neighbor’s Son

It was written by Ella Ward, and it is a romance novel. From the publishing date, June, it achieved 3163 downloads. A high school teacher becomes obsessed with Cade Fisher, hers neighbor. The wrong piece of this story is that Cade is still a high school student and the plot of the book relates how Sidney, the main character, fights with her obsession. The last ebook from the top was ranked with 6 stars from 6. Enjoy your reading!