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Top 6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

18 Nov Posted in Social Media

In order to determine which social media monitoring tools are right for you, you must establish some clear objectives. Some are highly customized time-consuming dashboards that allow you to manage more than one account, respond to multiple social networks with a single click and use shared work spaces. Others are not so complicated, offering the right amount of functionality in a more simple, lightweight way. If you are a social media rookie, these 6 free social media monitoring tools could turn out to be a valuable asset. However, you must consider the fact that these products are not an alternative to Enterprise-level tools.

Top 6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Top 6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Pictures

1. Hootsuite
Hootsuite is one of the best free social media monitoring tools because it saves you time and provides an efficient social media accounts management, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, WordPress and LinedIn. Moreover, it allows an excellent team management facility for sending private messages, and delegating tasks. Hootsuite’s weekly analytic reports are very useful if more people are handling the accounts.

2. Klout
Klout is one of the most disputed social media monitoring tools. Some people say that they hate it because its scoring system is completely inaccurate, while others say it is very useful because it provides interaction-measurement services and is great for discovering what people think about your brand. This way you can target and empower them to become advocates for you business.

3. Addictomatic
This is an excellent tool you can use to get an overall view of a brand. Addictomatic is very straightforward and it focuses on many platforms, including Twitter, Bing News, YouTube, Google, Flickr, Delicious and It is useful in keeping an eye on brand reputation and recent industry developments.

4. TweetReach
TweetReach can help you monitor how far your tweets travel and what is the impact of social media discussions. This way you can discover your most influential followers that you can target when you want to promote and share online content.

5. Twazzup
This is one of the best social media monitoring tools for beginners looking to manage their Twitter accounts. All you have to do is enter the name you want to track and you promptly receive real-time updates, including top RTd photos and links, top 10 keywords related to your search and most active top influencers.

6. Social Mention
Social Mention is one of the most efficient free social media monitoring tools available on the market, due to the fact that it monitors over 100 sites. This program provides an in-depth data analysis and uses 4 categories to measure influence: Reach, Strength, Passion and Sentiment.

The apps presented above are very user friendly and they are great tools for small business who want to manage their advertising strategies on social media platform. These are but a few of the many apps that one can use in order to manage a business. On, you can find the perfect tools for managing your business plus numerous other gadgets that can improve your life. As a business owner it is essential to keep in touch with the latest tech news. In order to do so, we advise you to subscribe to a tech news website. In order to survive in today’s competitive market, one must constantly be connected to technology.