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Traditional marketing still matters – Here’s why

25 Jul Posted in Business


Digital marketing tools seem to be at the top of the marketing chain. In this context, a question arises, and that question is “Does traditional advertising still matter?” we are here to say that yes, it still does. Although many remain reluctant when it comes to its functionality, nothing beats getting tote bags printed with a logo, handed at the register of a family grocery shop.  If this is not a solid argument for you, keep close, we have several others below.

  Traditional marketing still matters - Heres why

1. Traditional advertising has a strong brand-building potential

Branded products have the great quality that they seem “branded”. This sounds a little circular, doesn’t it? Well, the fact is, some of the most powerful brands out there still use personalised cups, pens, tote bags and so on to distribute in their network or to their customers, and by doing so, they succeed in building a closer relationship with the audience and creating the image of a luxurious brand. In the traditional advertising methods that succeed this can be included audio/visual commercials, branded products, ads in newspapers and magazines. There is no wonder that brands that invest in these means are perceived as strong and reliable by their audience, and that these approaches contribute to building a strong brand image.

2. Traditional marketing solutions are great at increasing sales

Many companies report increased sales after a traditional marketing campaign, regardless of what traditional method of advertising their brand and products they use. For instance, it can be a personalised pen, a costly ad aired on the national television; it does not matter, because people are more receptive when it comes to these approaches. The fact that they can interact with a product of the brand, even if it is an advertising product, increases the levels of reliability and the sales as well. Advisable would be to mix traditional and modern advertising campaigns. For instance, update your Facebook page with the latest branded products your company is going to distribute for advertising purposes. This way, you are more likely to reach a larger number of individuals.

3. New and old businesses are still curious about traditional advertising

If you analyse the Google search queries of an advertising company, you will shortly realise that businesses of all kinds are increasingly curious about traditional advertising methods. This means that people are curious about the benefits brought by these campaigns, as they are about online advertising campaigns as well. This signals a steady interest in both marketing approaches, without discrimination. And this is a natural thing, since many marketing agencies recommend blending the two approaches for a better return.

Although many think that traditional advertising is a dead and buried sphere of marketing, it is very alive and effective. Ultimately, digital advertising is a supplement, not a substitute that helps businesses of all kinds to reach an extended audience. Why advertise your products only on television, if you have the entire Internet waiting for such products?