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Types of merchant services

22 Jul Posted in Social Media

Accepting credit card payments is essential for a business that wishes to survive on today’s highly competitive market. If a customer is demanding to pay with a debit or credit card, merchants should be able to offer this possibility. Nowadays, people are using cash less and less, preferring to carry only their credit card on themselves. Accepting credit card payments is more than ensuring you meet all your customers’ demands, it is also a form of ensuring that you will not lose sales. Setting up a terminal is just a matter or contacting a merchant service provider and choosing the complete card processing solution that fits your specific business needs. There are four main card machine and payment methods.

Types of merchant services

Countertop terminals


This is a fixed payment point where customers can pay with their debit and credit card instantly. This is a merchant service suitable for retailers, because it is a fixed payment point and uses the chip and PIN safety technology, making it fast, easy and secure for customers to pay. This is the most popular credit card payment terminal and it generally accepts all major payment methods. Modern terminals use Internet connection to process payments faster, but are secured with dial-up in case the Internet connection is lost. Countertop terminals are ideal for retailers.


Portable terminals


A portable card payment terminal allows users to accept payment anywhere within the premises of the business. It uses a Bluetooth connection to process payments and it is especially popular among bar, café and restaurant owners. The portable terminal will ensure customers can pay from their table with their credit cards just like with cash, instead of walking to the countertop. If accepting credit card payments anywhere in the premise can help you attract more customers, you should try it.


Mobile terminals


Mobile credit card payment terminals are ideal for businesses that offer mobile services such as curriers. This type of terminal will allow you to accept credit and debit card payments anywhere in the country, because the system uses the mobile phone coverage. This terminal is a good choice for your mobile team, because people prefer to use their credit cards to pay for products and services nowadays, no matter how small or large the value.


Online payments


E-commerce owes its advent to credit card online payments to an extent. The ability to pay for products online is one of the reasons why we find e-commerce so enticing and we do our shopping online. If you won an online store, online payment is essential for the success of your business.