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Understanding the Importance of Social Networks Through Social Media Infographics

12 Nov Posted in Social Media

An infographic is a visual representation of information which has the purpose of presenting complex information as simple and quick as possible. The graphics often contain statistics, percentages and other relevant information combined with relevant graphic representations. The efficiency of an infographic results from the way the information is presented in simple and few words with visual stimulators. These graphics have played an important role in the development of social media platforms which are constantly promoting visual content. These social networks seem to be taking over all aspects of our life. Their utility has long exceeded the entertainment purpose. Lets analyze some social media infographics in order to see the impact of these networks over out lives.

Social Media Infographics Social Media Infographics Pictures

  • Social media users

Facebook is the most powerful social media network in the world as it has over 1.15 billion users. Other popular such networks include Youtube (1 billion users), Twitter (500 million users), Google+ (343 million users), LinkedIn (238 million users), Tumblr (108,9 million users), Pinterest (70 million users), Reddit (69,9 million ussers), WordPress (66 million users) and Instagram (56 million users). As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves. This social media infographic shows us that social media networks have taken over all aspects of our life. Once people realized the full potential of the information available in the virtual world, they started exploiting the interaction side of the internet.

  • Benefits of social media

Some people argue that social networks are addictive and they diminish the quality of the information. However, according to more than one social media infographic, there are a lot of positive aspects of social networks such as social enterprises. A social enterprise is a business which is actively involved in a charitable action. Social network users are very responsive to this new trend. For example 83% of Americans want brands to support charitable causes. Furthermore 41% of Americans have brought at least one product due to the fact that it was associated with a certain cause. Last but not least, over 90% of Americans believe that major companies should be socially involved in order to give something back to the communities where they run their businesses. Another benefit of social media is the fact that it raises political awareness and it is also a valuable teaching tool. Over 80% of university and college faculty use social media and half of them even use it for teaching. The 2011 Egyptian uprising and the Occupy Wall Street are just a few of the most important political movements which were organized on social platforms.

These infographics don’t need more information as they are very concise and relevant in reflecting the importance of social media and its development. It seems that nowadays all types of technology are connected to a certain social media channel. If you wish to make the most of social media platforms, you should constantly be informed about the latest gadgets and apps that help you interact with social media platforms in a more comfortable way. On you can find a lot of great gadgets and app reviews which are not only connected to social media but they also have numerous benefits for daily tasks, helping the users save time and money.