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Understanding the social media definition

05 Nov Posted in Social Media

Finding the perfect social media definition is quite challenging. Each dictionary has a different definition for this concept. Some are quite complex while other are relatively simple. When we think about social media, we usually think about the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on. However, social media can have a different meaning for all the people who use it. Businesses use it for PR, some people use it socializing and others for entertainment. Lets see what are the most popular definitions of social media and what they mean.

Understanding the social media definition Understanding the social media definition pictures

  • Technical definitions

According to the Oxford dictionaries, social media involves all applications and website which allow the users to create and share content or get involved in various networking endeavors. This is quite a correct definition but it is rather incomplete since it focuses on the technical aspects of the social media platform. According to Wikipedia, social media involves all the means of social interaction through which people share and exchange content in virtual communities. As you can see, social media cannot be defined without including internet as well as the ways in which people use information. In simple ways we could say that social media is a concept which refers to all the ways in which people use information over the internet.

  • Business definition

Although social media started as a personal tool that people used in order to socialize, its potential was soon noticed by various businesses who started using it for marketing and public relations. As a result, more and more business started using social networks for advertising, reputation management, customer services, market research, sales promotions and so on. Given these facts, we can all agree that social media has redefined the ways in which businesses are interacting with their customers so it would be inaccurate to make a social media definition without including the effects it has on the business world.

  • Social media news

Not only has social media redefined marketing but it also revolutionized the actual media concept. Traditional media news had to adapt to the new trends in order to survive to the fast rhythm of the internet. Furthermore, media is no longer a one way interaction channel through which an organization transmits news to the viewers. Nowadays, the viewers express their opinions towards the news presented and demand to know the reasoning that led to the creation of certain news. Furthermore, the advancement of cellphones and the popularity of the social networks are turning the witnesses into the news reporters as they are sharing their own proofs and opinions regarding certain events.

  • In a nutshell

If we take into account the technical definitions of social media as well as the effects that it has on users, businesses and traditional media concepts, an accurate and complete social media definition would sound like think: Social media is a concept which involves all the virtual communities and applications through which people create, share and manipulate information in order to fulfill social, entertainment, economical or cultural needs.