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Updating your business network gear – Things to consider

30 May Posted in Social Media

If from your last networking hardware update passed some time, you might want to consider investing in some bits and pieces that will assure you maintain proper performance levels at work. Every piece of equipment you invested in at some point must be kept up to date. This way, you can be sure that all pieces of new, highly performing software that emerged on the market will function flawlessly on your devices. Thus, whether we are speaking of finding Dell PowerEdge Power Supplies or next-generation firewall products, you will certainly need some guidance. Luckily, we can provide all the guidance you need in the following paragraphs.

  Updating your business network gear

Replace the old routers in your office with next gen ones

You know that your business depends entirely on routers. Make sure you improve your employees’ productivity levels by replacing the out-dated routers they struggle with. A next generation router will make them work more rigorously and more productively, thus consider investing in friendlier ones. If you are not willing to invest in ridiculously expensive pieces, consider the option of purchasing refurbished ones. They offer the same amazing features, only at a fraction of the prices you will find in stores. Also, many companies specialised in refurbishing IT hardware offer overnight shipping options, making it possible for you to surprise your employees with brand new networking gear over the weekend, by Monday morning. Also, with great routers you get rid of the eternal issue of cables across your offices. Lots of them…

Protect your valuable data with a next generation firewall

If you are like us, you most likely value your online safety (and your employees’ as well) quite a bit. Viruses, those nasty e-mails no one should ever click on, malware and even hackers might endanger the safety of your valuable data, and more than this. The safety of your financial information and accounts. Instead of fearing constantly for their safety, and if you want to control your employees’ online activity, we strongly encourage you to invest in appliance firewalls. They are available at refurbishing companies as well and you will save plenty of money by investing in such gear. Make sure you only work with the best!

Smart and managed switches

If your building is continuously visited by people whom are not working there, you might consider investing in managed switches, for security reasons once again! Switches are the baseline of your network, thus you’d better make sure they are all up to date and perform properly. If your network is currently running on unmanaged switches, take a move and change them for managed or smart switches. A small change, this might be, but it will make such a great difference. And once again, if brand new ones are on the top of your budget, refurbished ones might come in handy. Only make sure you pick your supplier well.

These are some pieces of gear business manager should continuously update. Make sure you update yours.