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Web design tips: how to create a professional and user-friendly site

23 Jan Posted in Business

When creating a website for your business, you must consider two important aspects. First, you have to present thought-provoking and relevant content that has the power to captivate the attention and interest of potential customers. Secondly, creating a compelling design represents another step that you should not overlook. Overall, your website must interblend excellently appeal and functionality. Moreover, visitors must be able to understand your concept at first glance. Everyone knows the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. In this case, you must have a different perspective. Your main goal is to reach out to a specific target audience though your website. Practically, you intend to communicate with those sitting in front of their computer screen and controlling the mouse. Therefore, you must adapt the saying and transform it into “Beauty is in the eye of the mouse – owner.” Furthermore, you should seek professional help and guidance by contacting a website design Thailand agency.


Usability and consistency must perfectly describe your website

Start by inquiring and discovering what makes a website visually stimulating. The answer contains multiple sections because it involves usability and consistency, pictures and graphics, design and color. In what concerns usability, the main objective is to create an intuitive website that visitors explore and understand easily. This requires a clear menu, useful and sufficient information, layout focused on ease of reading and a contact page that people can use to get help when needed. Highlight or emphasize what you consider the most important on your page, do not overcrowd the eye with too much elements on the same page because it could lead to confusion. Make sure that your content stands out from others. Learn how to differentiate it. If you want the visitors to focus on your message, then approach a consistent design. Do not mix various colors, shapes and sizes when it comes to imagery and text. Keep it simple, elegant and professional. Otherwise, you will exhaust the reader who will struggle to decipher your page. Some business owners do that purposefully because they want the visitor to spend time and energy organizing and understanding everything.

Other aspects that you should take into account

Apart from usability and consistency, you should also pay attention to other importance factors. For instance, color is an element that has the power to make your site visually appealing, so you have to use it strategically. Color will draw and retain the attention of your visitors because before they even get the chance to read the message or the information on the page, their brain responds to the colors on the respective page. Therefore, the subconscious already knows if something is interesting and worthy of attention before the eyes play their role. The psychology of color is not something that we should leave behind. Pictures and graphics also contribute to the massive effect of your website. Therefore, you should add professional pictures on the website that include you and the team representing the business or brand. The photographs will create an authentic first impression.