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What is Reputation Management?

07 Nov Posted in Social Media

Reputation management is one of the effects of the popularity of the internet. The basic concept of reputation management is understanding, controlling and influencing the reputation of a business. In the modern society it is hard to imagine this concept without relating it to the internet. Although it started as a public relation concept, because of the influence of social media, it soon started to be analyzed and controlled in terms of search results. If you are wondering what is reputation management, you will find the following lines to be very helpful.


What is Reputation Management? What is Reputation Management Pictures

  • Negative and positive aspects of reputation management

The internet is a great source of information and although that information can be manipulated at a certain level, it can’t be eradicated not can it be completely modified. There are a lot of businesses which focus on cheating the system by using less than honest means of influencing a business’s reputation. Such means include censoring negative complains, using SEO tactics and astroturfing. There are also come companies which offer discounts on online shopping platforms to customers who give them positive feedback. However, there are also a lot of online feedback systems, customer complains and quick customer supports.

  • Reputation management categories

As with all business concepts, in order to understand what is reputation management you need to split the overall concept in several categories. There are there main reputation management categories: building, maintenance and recovery. The building part applies to start-up business which are unknown to the market and need to build up their reputation. Maintenance refers to well known companies that need to maintain their reputation so that they don’t lose any customers to the competition. Recovery reputation refers to a situation in which a company’s image has been damaged. The damage can occur due to various reasons such as lack of quality advertized through negative reviews. The most efficient channel for managing the reputation of a business is the internet. Whether you are using blogs, directory listings, online publicity, direct reviews or social network advertising, the internet is the quickest and most efficient way of building and maintain a strong relationship with your customers, thus ensuring the good reputation of your business.

  • How does it work

As we mentioned above there are several channels for building and maintaining the reputation of your company. In order to truly understand what is reputation management you should know how it works. All businesses have different needs and what might work for a company will not work for all businesses. You need to develop a reputation management system which fits the needs of your business as well as the needs of your customers. The following tactics are the most popular ones used by reputation management experts: improving the search engine optimizations and positive reviews in order to lower the negative content, publishing as much positive content as possible, using online press releases, getting mentioned in websites which have a high Google rank, offering free products or services to good reviewers, responding to public criticism and so on. The tactics that you apply depend on the type of business that you have as well as on the market which you are addressing. In order to successfully manage a business reputation you need to monitor what people are saying about your business while in the same time trying to control what they are saying.

There are several apps which you can install on your mobile devices and which can help you manage what is being said and presented about you on the internet with some ease. If you want to find out more about them or similar products, and about mobile-related products in general, check out and get the information you require. Reputation management is a true value for professionals, so they need to make sure every aspect of it is in their control.