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What is Shared Web Hosting

12 Jul Posted in Tech


You might be wondering how shared web hosting works either for your business or for simple personal matters. Well, there are some things you will want to know regarding Com Web Hosting and everything related to it. It’s not something way too complicated for you to understand, on the contrary, some few basic notions about Internet and web servers will do the job for you. Here’s what you may want to know about shared hosting and how does it work:

What is Shared Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

If you own a website you must know hosting it represents making it available to the worldwide public. This means you will gain visibility online and visitors will be able to find your page. Making a website available online is possible with the help of web servers which are hosting (storing) your website information. The services can be offered by any person or company that is capable of renting server space that they own. This will be called the host. Storage space sold by the host also can include a domain name registration, email hosting services and SSL certificates.


  • Shared server hosting – it means that more than one website resides on a single web server which is connected to the Internet; due to the big amount of website hosted on a certain server the costs of it would be lower and the results will be almost the same; the only risk you can encounter while using shared web hosting is overloading
  • Cloud server hosting – hosting a website on a cloud server means accelerated network and flexible command lines; while using a cloud server hosting service you will be having full access to the root of the server which gives you more control over your website; a private cloud means an open source code
  • Dedicated server hosting – one of the most expensive options for hosting your website, dedicated server hosting include additional IPs, more bandwidth for capacity, DDoS protection (gives infrastructure security to your website), a FTP backup copy is possible for data and config files; this is an option for high authority business websites which require lots of data storage and protection; it is not recommended for personal use only, keeping in mind its enormous costs and vast range of services offered


Depending on the services you are buying, the expenses can be high or low. A web hosting plan may include bandwidth (the amount of data a website is capable of transmitting over a period of time – it influences the speed of your hosted website, so you might want to consider buying more bandwidth for a more responsive website), uptime (the percentage of time you want your host to stay running), disk space (the amount of occupied server space – here you might want to consider how many composed images, text, video, audio items your website has) or customer service (which includes a live chat, a phone line and an active contact email for customer/visitor problems regarding your website). Check out your web hosting plan and decide what services would be useful for your needs.