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What to do with leftover promos and giveaways

17 Dec Posted in Business

Enterprises are so focused on online marketing that they completely forget about promotional products and giveaways. Or maybe they do not understand the fact that they are the best ways to promote successful businesses. It is a good thing that you did not back down when it came to ordering impressive promotional products and giveaways. You made the call and told the company that you want the freebies to be customized with your logo. You are happy with the experience, yet you ordered more than necessary. Now, you have got all sorts of promos and giveaways that you do not know what to do with. Even if the big event has passed, that does not mean that you should throw the items in the trash can. There is further use for them.

What to do with leftover promos and giveaways

Use the promos and giveaways again

Chances are that the promotional products and giveaways are sitting somewhere in a unit dedicated to self storage San Diego. It is about time that you find them a new purpose. It is a shame for all those items to be locked in a storage unit. You need to do something with them. Maybe you do not have a clue what to do with the freebies. Here is an idea: give some of them away as gifts to your employees. The employees work day and night to ensure the success of the company and they deserve to be shown that they are cherished. When you have problems with customers, calm them down by giving them something of value. You cannot buy people’s silence, but you can manage to calm them down and become more reasonable.

Contribute to a good cause

If you have the opportunity to do good, you should better take advantage of it. Giving to charity may not be the first thing on your mind. It is understandable after all, considering how busy you are. There are many organizations, not to mention professionals, that could use leftover things. If you happen to have things like water bottles or t-shirts, that is great because they will come in handy. Water can be used for incentives for participants in runs, for instance. It is needless to say that the t-shirts can be given to the poor who do not have a thing. You ordered more than enough promos and giveaways. If you have in your possession pencils, notebooks, or anything similar, offer them to a local school. In case you did not know, educational institutions frequently help students who cannot afford to buy supplies.

Trade the promos and giveaways

Some individuals have a hard time letting things go. If you are one of these people, there is a strong likelihood that you do not want to give away the promotional items and giveaways. If this is true, you might want to consider trading them. In other words, make a swap. Exchange the stuff for things that you have use for. You will certainly find someone interested in your stuff. Think about creative ways to make it happen.