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What to expect when hiring an SEO Consultant

31 Dec Posted in Business



Take a look at your business’s website, does it look great? Good for you! Now check how many visitors it has had in the last month. If the numbers are discouraging, then you have to be aware that there is likely a problem with the site, because it is not engaging targeted visitors well enough. The job of a website is to reach potential clients and convert them into customers. If your site does not do this job, then it may be the time to hire an SEO Consultant, whether he or she is an individual expert, an employee of a company or a part of a team of professionals. A professional search engine optimisation analyst would review your URLs and would ask you about your firm’s goals and what visitors you want to target, then they would assess what strategies they should use to improve the page views and rankings of your online platform.

What to expect when hiring an SEO Consultant

They have years of experience so they know what they are doing

You might have the misconception that everyone could set-up an SEO company overnight and could state that they are ‘experts’ in this industry. But if you choose to work with a person who can prove their experience, and who can show you results of their campaigns, the likelihood is that they know what they are doing, and you should take into consideration their recommendations. There are hundreds of mini-aspects that have to be considered when designing the big SEO plan for your website, and you have to trust their experience that they would include every one of these elements. Every website requires a different SEO strategy in order to rank so you should not question their decision of using a certain method. But, it should be clearly explained to you what is happening and why that decision is taken. No ‘smoke and mirrors’.

SEO experts have knowledge of all three SEO levels

When collaborating with professionals you can be sure that they will know that SEO involves three levels. The technical tier would check the structure of your website in order to see if it is difficult or not for search engines to index the content of the site and crawl it. During the on-page optimisation step, they would use HTML tags and keywords to increase the search engine traffic of the website. They would not forget to focus on off-page optimisation, which means that they would design a link building campaign and social media strategy – the engagement tier. Finally, the content tier – Creating content which is both grammatically correct and in proper English for its country targeted audience is vital.
It is important to work with a consultant, which offers three-dimensional SEO, so choose one who offers monthly packages for example, and who is willing to offer you a report at the beginning of the campaign and one at the end, to see what the results are.

The SEO professional understands the big picture

Every SEO plan focuses on converting the visitors to your website into clients, but you should not have the misconception that there is nothing more beside this. Ideally an effective SEO plan would also be concerned with the engagement of your website, the commerciality of it, and the speed of the page load, so if you are collaborating with professionals you should expect to see that they focus on accomplishing all aspects.