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When should you make branded t-shirts for your employees?

23 Oct Posted in Tech


Custom made t-shirts have gained a lot of ground in the fashion market, not only because they are original and beautiful, but also because they express exactly what you want to wear. Offering or receiving such a gift from somebody represents a sign of consideration and thoughtfulness. But how about having corporate branded t-shirts? As a business owner, getting a branded shirt for your employees may be a strategic move that will get everybody more engaged with the company and involved in all the activities. The people will feel more motivated, work more efficiently and feel proud that they are representing the company and belong to the same team. If you want to have a united staff and also promote the image of your business, you should get in touch to a custom screen printing Toronto company, and order the most original t-shirts. The experts working there will help you come up with a great design consisting in your logo or any other thing you want, so that you can surprise your employees. In case you cannot think about an occasion for such a gift, here are some suggestions:

When should you make branded t-shirts for your employees

Immediately after you hire new staff

During the on-boarding process, it is extremely important to make people feel motivated and part of the team. If there is a new person that has been hired by the HR department, they are probably very excited about their first days at work, so you can take advantage and surprise the. Order them a new custom made t-shirt, preferably similar to the one the other employees already have, and give them the good news. Such a welcome will be much appreciated, and they will immediately feel the culture of the organization they have started to be part of.


As a birthday or anniversary present

Even if you are the business owner, you may not necessarily know all the employees, especially if we are speaking of a large corporation. However, when it comes to their anniversary and you want to offer them a nice gift, you will never fail if you choose a custom made t-shirt, branded with the logo of the company. Even if the present is not too personalized, it is not at all impersonal, so the gesture will make a great impression, showing that you care about your employees. Everyone will get excited waiting for their turn and you will be the thoughtful “boss”.


As part of a marketing campaign

Branded t-shirts are a popular advertising strategy, especially for the businesses that use physical promotion. If you have a team of promoters and you need them to go in the external environment and test the market, offering them a uniform is exactly what you should do. These uniforms do not have to be stiff, but comfortable, while also being professional and looking neat. Branded t-shirts will become an extension of your services, communicating a precise message. People will know what your company stands for and your employees will fell proud to wear the shirts.